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Greek Island Holidays began life after my first visit to the Greek Islands more than 20 years ago. After falling in love with the islands I simply wanted to spread the word about this wonderful holiday destination. I have visit the Greek Islands every year, sometimes several times a year, with a notebook and camera packed in my rucksack. When once I travelled with established package tour companies I now just fly out on spec and travel where I choose and stay where I choose. Just keeping the islands information up-to-date takes a lot of work and I'm most grateful for contacts who let me know what is happening on the islands. I hope you find these reports on Greek Island beach holidays helpful and hope you enjoy your Greek Islands holidays just half as much as I do.

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Holiday updates and advice

I'm often asked for holiday advice on islands and resorts. While I try to help, I find personal tastes can vary widely so please, don't send queries such as: 'I'm looking for the ideal Greek island - which one do you suggest?" I simply can't answer questions like these.

I'm very pleased to receive any information on Greek island resorts. I try to visit the islands as often as I can but I can't visit them all as often as I would like. Information gets out of date very quickly so, if you have any recent information that may be of use to readers or spot any errors or omissions on the site please email me at Greek Island Postcards.

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Accessibility on Greek Island Postcards

The website is compatible with all major operating systems and internet browsers. Greek Island Hoplidays has been tested on the following browser platforms: Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Chrome, Apple Safari 3+, Opera 7+.

I check regularly for broken links but, if you do spot one, I would be very grateful if you tell me about by contacting Greek Island Postcards

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Disclaimer for Greek Island Postcards

I do all I can to ensure content information is accurate and up-to-date but it's not always possible. Ferry and bus timetables, for example, can be notoriously vague. I cannot be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience allegedly caused by published content on the site.

When planning your trip to Greece I strongly advise that you check opening times, event dates, timetables and other particulars with other sources. Please bear in mind that owners, managers, agencies and even governments can alter arrangements at any time.

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Copyright on Greek Island Postcards

You are free to quote material from Greek Island Postcards on websites, blogs and other publications but please credit the source and provide a link to the original content Greek Island Postcards.

Greek Island Postcards has signed up with CopyScape to protect it's published content.

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I usually only link to travel related sites and prefer to Greek or Greek Island related sites.
I don't link to 'link farms' or sites stuffed with hundreds of links.
I prefer to link to pages that contain good content, not to pages that only contain links.
I'm not interested in directories or three-way links.

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I prefer deep links to good content pages as they give added value to my readers. Obviously I prefer pages with good Greek travel related content and a good PageRank but I'm also happy to promote new or interesting sites. If you are interested in linking to this site please contact me at Greek Island Postcards.