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I welcome emails and try to respond to them all. Trouble is there are so many and then there is all that spam to auto junk. If you are after holiday advice please read the guidelines below and use the link to send email

To email me click here:  

I change my email address regularly to cut down on spam. As I get many emails each week please be patient. I will get back to you eventually.


Free adverts on Greek Island Postcards

I am always happy to promote Greek island businesses, especially those that are tourist related or based on the smaller, less populated islands. I can offer free adverts for island-based business on my high ranking island pages. You are free to give a return link to an appropriate page on Greek Island Postcards at your discretion.

Your advert can be 120 pixels wide and up to 200 pixels deep. You can supply the graphic for your advert or I can create it for free using your site logo etc.

If you are interested then drop me an e mail

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Linking to Greek Island Postcards

I'm happy consider linking to other travel sites, especially new sites that need to boost their ranking in search engines, but there are a few dos and don'ts.
I usually only link to travel related sites.
I'm not interested in 'three-way links, links directories or pages stuffed with hundreds of links.
I prefer to link to pages that contain good content, are indexed by search engines and that may be of interest to my readers.

If you would like to link to my site please use the following code or some variation of it that suits your site.

Anchor text: Greek Island Guide
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html: <a href= "" target="_blank">Greek Island Guide</a> - Holiday travel guides from Greek Islands Postcards

I prefer deep links to good content pages as they give added value to my readers but I'm also very happy to promote new or interesting sites on Greece and the Greek Islands. If you would like help in promoting your site please contact me at the email link above