Olympic Holidays

Paxos sea caves

Shoals of day trippers head by boat for the beaches of for sea grottos mostly found on the limestone cliffs of the exposed west coast.

Hired boats are not allowed here so the only way to see it from the sea an excursion boat. You can walk coastal paths but, of course, you don't get to experience the majesty of the cliffs, although there are spectacular views.

The sea caves are impressive and quite the best anywhere in the Greek islands. Some of the caves are large enough to take pleasure boats and visitors are taken inside.

The cave at Kastanitha is the most impressive at 600 ft high though the largest is found at Grammatiko. All of the caves are worth a visit.

The views from the cliffs above Ermitis Bay are very popular with visitors , particularly at sunset and the local Sunset Bar is a very popular place in the evening. Follow the signs from the hamlet at Biokatika to get to it. Many thanks to David Watrous of Ionian Villas for the update

Beaches of Antipaxos

The neighbouring and uninhabited islet of Antipaxos is very popular with day trippers and doubles as the main beach for those staying in the main port resort of Gaios.

There are houses on Antipaxos islet, which lies south of Paxos, but they are not occupied all year round. They are used by families that have vineyards there.

Excursion boats to Antipaxos are frequent in the summer and the journey time is only about 15 minutes. A daily Antipaxos Lines boat leaves Gaios at 10am and returns at 5pm.

There are two beaches on Antipaxos, both at the northern end of the islet. Vrika is sandy and Voutoumi is pebble, though sandy underfoot in the water.

The white sand and pebbles make for clear turquoise seas and some of the best swimming and snorkeling to be found in the Ionian. There are beach tavernas at both spots in the summer and paths run south where several quiet coves can be found.