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Tourist holiday reviews of the Greek island of Andros. Holiday reviews of Andros resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of Andros holidays from people who have visited the island. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Andros.
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Andros Greece holiday reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Discerning travellers may still find on Andros - well away from the package infested areas such as Batsi - unspoiled villages and private beaches.

Bad: Bus connections are inadequate, information on archaeological sites is sketchy, coach tours are few.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: A number of fine features to offer the visitor and it is a great place for serious walkers.

Bad: Athenian holiday villas . . . have robbed many of the villages of life, turning them into scattered settlements with no nucleus and creating a weekender mentality.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: It has green valleys, water gushes from the marble fountains and mossy springs of the villages; flowers, orchards and forests cover the south. Andros is a prosperous island, neat, well ordered, adorned with white dovecotes.

Bad: Not a lot.


Andros Greece holiday reviews

Andros reviews

Andros holidays are very relaxed

Most visitors to Andros will stay in the small coastal town of Batsi which has the classic Greek harbour with streets rising behind in a horseshoe shape. There are a number of good (if unremarkable) bars and tavernas. The pace of life tends to be very relaxed, with a large number of repeat visitors who are in their 30s and 40s.

Andros Town/Hora can be reached using the regular bus service. Travelling along winding roads through deep valleys, you will see stunning views of olive trees, terraces of crops, monasteries half-hidden in the folds of mountains, villages of white cube houses gleaming on the slopes and attractive stone Venetian dovecote towers (some painted white, others falling into disuse). The countryside is also dotted with family chapels, as well as holiday homes for Athenians.

Andros Town is highly impressive, with its white marble pavements, specialist shops and cafes. The maze of streets leading down to the harbour has Venetian-style balconies and is highly attractive. Overlooking the harbour is the Statue of the Unknown Sailor - a clumpy Soviet-style figure of the kind that you would expect to see in the former Warsaw Pact with a title such as "Spirit of Man under Socialism".

More art can be found at the local museum, including works by Picasso and other modern artists. The small fishing village of Korthi is also well worth a trip. Andros is ideal for walking or as a base from which to explore neighbouring islands such as Mykonos and Delos.
Joe Sweet


Quick to criticize Andros

Thank you for the information on the Greek islands. I agree with most of your comments although I found you reports a little unbalanced. I thought that you were too quick to criticize the negatives and skip on certain positive aspects of the Greek island. Anyway, I laughed when I read your comments about the Nautical museum in Andros. I have spent many summers in Andros since the sixties and I have never seen this place operating. I suspect someone has been paid money for decades for nothing. Thanks again for the information.


Andros a bit too dull for us

Thanks for a great website on Andros. It's refreshing to hear independent views instead of the usual tripe. We have just returned from Andros and while it is an island with a lot of appeal in certain ways we basically found it, frankly, a bit dull. There are only the two resorts of any note at Batsi and Chora. Batsi is fine with a good beach, interesting shops and tavernas and plenty going on.

Trouble is that after a few days it gets just a bit boring and, what do you know, there's nowhere else much to go. Chora has a single shopping street and not much else and it's quite a long way from Batsi. Same for everywhere else and there is even less to see. OK if you are a one resort type of holidaymaker or you like long journeys, the wide open spaces and empty beaches with not much going on. Otherwise you could bet a bit bored like we did at the end of two weeks.
Gary Nye

Andros a very friendly island

You are unfair on the Andros islanders to call them unfriendly. We have been going for years and have always been treated with great courtesy and get a very warm welcome each time we return and not just from the people we have got to know over the years. The only unfriendliness we meet is when we return home to the scowling faces of our fellow homeland Brits.
Lisa & Peter Rudd

Andros has so much to offer the visitor

I am surprised you don't have more to say for Andros. We have found it one of the most friendly of islands and it has so much to offer the visitor - from the majestic mountains to the sandy beaches. We love the hustle and bustle of Pothia and you can find restaurants of every type there with meals at very good prices. The countryside is just beathtaking and the background hill make for a dramatic scene wherever you are. We go back year after year we love it so much.
Lucy Mahoney

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