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Tourist holiday reviews of the Greek island of Ikaria. Holiday reviews of Ikaria resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of Ikaria holidays from people who have visited the island. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Ikaria.
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Ikaria Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Not a lot.

Bad: Few large Greek islands are less immediately appealing than Ikaria. Its steep slopes drop gracelessly into the sea, and the island's long coastline has few shapely bays or good harbours.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Not a lot.

Bad: This narrow, windswept landmass is little visited and invariably underestimated . . . it's not a strikingly beautiful island, with most of the terrain consisting of scrub-covered schist.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Not a lot.

Bad: It presents a forbidding, rocky, ungainly face to the world and much of it is inaccessible except on foot. The Ikarian sea is one of the wildest corners of the Aegean.


Ikaria Greece holiday reviews

Ikaria reviews

Fantastic festival on Ikaria

I just wanted to thank you for providing such good information. We have just returned from Ikaria and stayed at the Valeta Studios, in Amenistis. The info you have put together meant that we found places we would definitely have missed - Akamatra village ,for example. If we had not had the information we would have passed straight by we did the first time on our way to Manganitis. We were lucky enough to meet someone in Evdilos who told us about a festival - it was fantastic, kid goat, bread, wine etc. and a Greek family who instisted we join them.
Jackie Shipway


Not enough credit for island of Ikaria

I can't believe you have written such a negative review of Ikaria. OK, it's not the most attractive of the Greek islands but that's only a comparative thing. It has lots that are attractive. There are beautiful forest and hill trails that rival those on many other islands, it has gob smacking beaches - you must have had your eyes shut when you visited- and some belting landscape views. The beaches may not be so plentiful but they are worth the effort. They are just stunning. I have been going for three years and I'm off again next year. You won't find friendlier islanders throughout Greece. You don't give it near enough credit.
Alice Mann


Ikaria shows the joy of Greece

I have a relation on Ikaria and I go to visit every other year always. It is a lovely island and I'm sorry you do not think so. Some parts are a bit wild and lonely I agree but many others show the joy of Greece and its inhabitants. Much that is bad is said about Ikaria and I understand little that it is so. Ikaria is where I want to live when I am old.
Angelos Peters

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