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Tourist holiday reviews of the Greek island of Ithaca. Holiday reviews of Ithaca resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of Ithaca holidays from people who have visited the island. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Ithaca.
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Ithaca Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: The lack of tourist development has meant survival of a peaceful style of life which many more obviously attractive islands have lost.

Bad: Apart from the numerous sites, mostly of no particular intrinsic interest, which are more or less speculatively identified with places mentioned in the Odyssey, the island has little to offer the tourist.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Despite the romance of its name, and its proximity to Corfu, very little tourist development has arrived to spoil the place.

Bad: This is doubtless accounted for by the dearth of good beaches.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Best of all, it has changed little of the years; the atmosphere is relaxed and low key.

Bad: Ithaka has a jagged, indented coast with no exceptional beaches.


Ithaca Greece holiday reviews

Ithaca reviews

For a relaxing holiday Ithaca is for you

Just been to Ithaca for four nights while holidaying in Kefalonia, and stayed at Elleni's View Apartment overlooking Kioni. The apartments were fantastic, spotlessly clean and with the most wonderful views overlooking Kioni Bay. We would recommend Elleni's to anyone. The best Ithaca beaches are only accessible by boat, and we hired one from Polis beach at Stavros (this beach is also nice but it is pebble). We found the best restaurant also at Stavros - the Polyphemus - and we ate the best food we had all holiday. If you want a very quiet and relaxing holiday then Ithaca is for you!
Pete Rickards


Ithaca island is not too commercial

Hi, saw your web page about Ithaka. I stayed in a studio owned by John and Catherine Harrison in the village of Perachori two years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the island, the owners were very nice and they also owned the Cypress restaurant in Perachori and the food was excellent. I was was made to feel very welcome. I found that travelling around the island was good due to the fact it isn't too commercial. I was invited to a concert by Alex and the Killers who were Ithakan born, but had lived in USA since childhood. People are really friendly and the food excellent, I wouldn't hesitate to visit again.
Alex Egan


The amazing unspoilt island of Ithaca

Ithaca is an amazing unspoilt island which is very dramatic. Kioni is just the prettiest harbour you could hope for. There are tiny pebbly coves all around the island if you are looking for a sedcluded spot. We also had an information pack for Ithaca and Kefalonia from the Friends of the Ionian - there are several interesting walks in the ghost villages inland. There are numerous tavernas around the bay which are all OK. A little outside Vathy, on the east side of the bay, used to be a fantactic fish restaurant called Denis's. Don't know if it still there. If you have a car, a visit to Stavros is a must for the Polyphemus Restaurant, one of the best I have visited in Greece. Try the kolikotho-kithakia and corgette patties - they are amazing.
Dot Copeland


Ithaca is everything you are looking for

You must try Ithaca. It's in the Ionian and it's everything you are looking for. The people are friendly and the beaches are pristine. It's small and intimate and if you want to find out more try the web. There's heaps of info about all of Ithaca, including Vathy. Also have a look at the Friends of the Ionian website. They have some good information packs about Ithaca.
Dimitri Pandeli

Brilliant holiday in Ithaca

We had a brilliant holiday in Ithaca last year. Rent a scooter, the roads are quiet and you can get to loads of different beaches. Vathy is great place to stay because of all the tavernas. Everyone is really friendly.
Victoria Irvine

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