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Tourist holiday reviews of the Greek island of Lefkas. Holiday reviews of Lefkas resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of Lefkas holidays from people who have visited the island. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Lefkas.
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Lefkas Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: It is a beautiful and interesting island with quiet country villages . . . The long, wild, mountainous west coast is fringed with wonderful empty beaches.

Bad: Although the volume of business falls far short of tourism on Corfu, Cephalonia and Zante the island's main resorts are now far from being tranquil undiscovered hideaways.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: The island is a fertile place, supporting cypresses, olive groves and vineyards . . . and life in the mountain villages remains relatively untouched.

Bad: At first glance, Lefkadha is not overwhelmingly attractive, although it is a substantial improvement on the mainland just opposite.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Long, sandy beaches and natural beauty and traditionalism of the interior make a rich blend.

Bad: Lefkada is not a love at first sight island: the approach from land is unpromising and first impressions may be disappointing.


Lefkas Greece holiday reviews

Lefkas reviews

Lefkada - beautiful, charming and addictive

Wow! What a mixed bunch of reviews! I think everyone needs to calm down and remember, we all want something different from our holiday and we should do our best to enjoy the experience. Some of the reviewers seem to have more pleasure moaning about their holiday! I have just returned from a week on Lefkada, and I found it absolutely beautiful, charming and addictive! It's so different from Crete or Corfu, it has something special. It's got a bit of everything, from the busier town of Nidri, to the upmarket restaurants in Vassiliki, to the sleepy atmosphere of Sivota. The private villa at Palm Villas was 5 star and I'm planning to return in a couple of months.
Shelley Burns


Lefkas has the most panoramic views

I work for one of the specialist villa companies that have a number of properties on the island and I read with interest the reviews about Lefkas. When I first arrived I was not impressed with the island, feeling that it lacked history, old buildings and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Corfu where I had been previously.

However it did not take take long before I realised what a diverse place I had come to. The unusual buildings in Lefkas Town, the sleepy villages tucked into inlets, that bustle at night with the arrival of yachts and the beautiful west coast beaches including Milos beach which was awarded a Blue Flag. It has some of the most panoramic views I have seen on the Ionian islands, particularly of of Nidri and it's satellite islands (including Onassis' Scorpios) seen from the mountain road above the town.

It is an ideal base to explore the mainland up to Parga/Sivota and trips to the other islands of Corfu, Ithaca and Kefalonia can all be made easily. Lefkas is not overrun by British tour operators. Instead Scandinavian, British, Greek and Italian tourists provide a cosmopolitan mix in the summer months. It is not an island for those who want the UK by the sea but a chance to experience a little piece of Greece unspoilt.
Claire Salisbury


Views over Skorpios fantastic

On a visit to Lefkada a couple of years ago I took the road inland from Nidri, as some kind soul had decided to put a communications station on the top of Mt Mnimati, 1157 metres up. To do so they built a surfaced road all the way up to it and the views out over Skorpios & Meghanisi were fantastic. Take the road from Nidri up to Vafkeri and Englouvia, or the road south from Karia towards Englouvia, and keep going up hill. (Just remember to head for the communications station and not the NATO radar site!)

When I was there they had had a lot of rain and the road down from the summit to the south, to Aghios Illias, although shown on my map as being "an un-metaled road of good quality", had been washed out to the extent that it was more reminiscent of wadi bashing in Arabia. They may well have surfaced it now but if not then leave it to the 4x4's, (I made it through with the car but only just, and in Greece your hire car insurance doesn't cover you for damage to the underside of the car).
Martin Goodall


The bulk of Lefkas is glorious and unspoilt

Just a quick note to redress the balance of Lynne's "Not Impressed" comments regarding Lefkas. Anyone with the gumption to open a copy of any guidebook would realise that Nidri is an uninspiring resort strip catering largely to low-rent package tourists, and (facing directly east) is unlikely to enjoy the benefit of a glorious sunset! I am pleased that she enjoyed other places better, although Sivota is perhaps the second most "packaged" village on the island after Nidri, and I personally also avoid it (despite its undoubted beauty).

However, the bulk of the island is glorious and pretty unspoilt - utterly fabulous beaches on the west, beautiful mountains, many attractive villages, and all the simple pleasures that make (many) Greek islands such a joy. We've travelled extensively all over Greece and the islands over many years, and Lefkas may not be everybody's glass of retsina, but it's where we've chosen to build our house!
Simon Lethem


Lefkas is such a beautiful island

Lefkas is such a beautiful island and it's worth hiring a car for a few days to have a look around. The west coast beaches are some of the most spectacular in the world - Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Egremoi. Huge beaches of tiny white limestone pebbles and bright turquoise sea. Also, head inland to the Rachi waterfalls - five mins drive from Nidri - and make sure you take a trip to Lefkas Town. Try some of the local lamb chops, they are amazing!
Steve Hewson


Lefkas is unspoilt with amazing beaches

Have a look at Lefkas. This is a pretty unspoilt island with the most amazing beaches on its west coast. It is very friendly indeed also with fantastic food. The lamb is to die for. Stay in Agios Nikitas which is definitely the prettiest harbour 'resort' with a huge and amazing sandy beach.
Jenny Pardoe


Geni Lefkas holiday reviews

Lefkas Geni reviews

Lovely Geni is very scenic

We stayed at Geni just outside Nidri. It's a lovely place very scenic. The beach at Nidri is long, narrow sand and shingle but lovely and peaceful. The town itself is really just one long road usual tourist shops etc. and mad Greek drivers!! The tavernas along the harbour are good places to eat. Our favourite was The Barrell. The chap that owns it is called Anestis and he is very friendly, he really took to our little boy and gave him ice creams and presents. The food there is lovely, it's well worth going to.

We had a car and travelled around the Island and also because it's attached to the mainland by a bridge we drove up to Parga, which is another stunningly beautiful place and the drive up to it is lovely as you have big open roads with hardly any traffic on them! But I would advise you not to go at the weekend as that's when all the locals head to the beach! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay on Lefkas and would definitely go back. Just a tip for coming ho me - when you've checked in at preveza airport head across the road to one of the lovely tavernas, it's the best departure lounge I've ever been in!! You can see when your flight arrives and then just amble across when you're ready.
Tom Pateson


Geni is just so peaceful

We arrived at the airport and drove to Geni on Lefkas. The roads were good and our villa which was absolutely wonderful. It overlooked the Geni Peninsula towards Nydri across the bay which was full of yachts. The location is so peaceful yet we were in easy striking distance of Nidri and the other smaller resorts like Vlycho and Perigalia. This was such a great holiday and we will definitely be back. The brochures do not do the island justice.
Sara McArthur


Lygia Lefkas holiday reviews

Lekas Ligia

Lygia is such a quiet place to relax

I stayed in Lygia at the end of the season. I only went to about four tavernas, although more were open, and did find a couple of them expensive but it is comparative. I live in the SE of England and work in London, so compared to there it isn't expensive. That said, The Seven Islands, in particular, cost more than I would have expected but everyone was very friendly and pleasant. The village is small and doesn't have that much to recommend it but, if you are looking for a quiet place to relax that has good access to livelier areas, then this is it. I went into Nidri for the day but would definitely not want to stay there. Even in mid/late September it was too busy for me (although it does have some good jewellery shops!) I also went into Lefkada Town for dinner - that was nicer than Nidri and the food was good. I stayed at the Konaki. in Lygia, an excellent hotel that deserves more than its 3 star rating. Family run, and everyone was charming. I would definitely go back to Lygia but only if I could stay at the Konaki.
Liz Williams

Lygia is just a rip-off

Just back from two weeks in Lygia, near Nidri, and vowed never to return. They just rip you off there at every turn. Tavernas charge the earth and some of the most unfriendly people I've ever met - not like other Greek islands. Someone said none of them are Lefkians anyway but over from the Greek mainland for the summer and out to fleece all the tourists. Bad food, bad service and extortionate prices. My advice, stay away from Lygia if you go to Lefkas. Rest of the island was great though except Nydri which, in my opinion, was a bit too tacky.
Thomas Callan


Ligia is charming but dull

Ligia's not so bad. Charming fishing village, a bit dull but some nice cafes and tavernas. Hiring a car is not a problem - do it online before you go or when you are there.
Karen Hadley


We loved Lygia for the peace and quiet

Lygia is a very quiet resort. Just a few tavernas on the waterfront and some more on the roadside. We found them all cheap and friendly. We enjoyed all our meals and they give you a complimentary drink and some fruit afterwards. We would also highly recommend the cruises around the other islands like Meganissi and Scorpios, the private island of the Onassis family. We went to Lefkas many years ago and stayed in Nidri. How Nidri has changed! It looks a lot busier now but but things move on. Nidri is good if you enjoy tavernas and bars and lots of bustle. We loved Lygia for the peace and quiet and the wonderful views of mountains and islands. No loutish Brits abroad here thank goodness.
Michael Bell


Nydri Lefkas holiday reviews

Lefkas Nydri reviews

Back to our many friends in Nidri

We have just returned from our fourth visit to Nidri, staying at the Borsalina studios. It was like returning to friends. The welcome we received was truly wonderful - from the people in the Nidrion Beach snack bar, the owners and staff of the Apollon taverna and mostly to Captain Jerry & Mariedo on the Odysseia which we will never tire of cruising on. We have visited several islands and also the mainland but We think Nidri is both the most beautiful and the most friendly. We would recommend it to everyone. Guess where we're going next year? Yes, back to our many friends in Nidri.
Anne and Ivor Harper

We can't fault Nidri

My daughter (she's 13 now) and myself discovered Nidri three years ago, We loved it so much we go every year. We have just booked for two weeks in June. We stay at the Gregeous Apartments. We can't fault the place, it is everything we love in an holiday. The island is still unspoilt, yet big enough to always find something to do. The views are fantastic, the people wonderful and friendly.
Wendy and Megan Hudson


We thought Nidri great despite review

We have just came back from a week in Nidri, and would really recommend it. I was quite disappointed reading the reviews before we went, and thought we had made a mistake. But Nidri was great, the harbour was lovely, very clean, and plenty of restaurants serving traditional Greek food, as well as the usual European dishes. We stayed at the George Hotel/Apartments, and they were fantastic, spotlessly clean, friendly and in exactly the right spot, just off the main road. Nidri beach did not seem too good, so I would recommend you stay somewhere with a pool, but other than that it was great, very friendly and safe. The main road was busy, but once by the harbour there was less traffic.
Sue Doggett


Nidri does have some charms

Do not agree with some of your contributors! OK, Nidri is not the greatest town in Greece but it does have some charms. There are some very good tavernas but, as I am one of the yachting set, I would not want to spend two weeks there. But sitting in the International with a good bottle of wine and looking across the bay to the little church, is just fantastic on a warm summer night. Nidri has a certain tawdry charm which keeps bringing me back, even if it is sailing away from it. I always look forward to returns and nights at the Athos tree bar!
Chris Wright


Nidri is not the Bahamas but a Greek city in miniature

Nidri is gorgeous. The high street is like a typical Greek city in miniature with lots of hustle and bustle, but nothing sinister. If you turn off the high street the harbour is beautiful, especially at night, and from the beach the view is breathtaking of the other islands and mountains of the mainland. It's not the Bahamas but it is very Greek which is why I love it.

Hire a motorbike to potter around Nidri and to get to Lefkada Town, go on boat trips from the harbour to other islands and hire a car for the beaches on the other side of the island. You can even hire your own little boat for the day or even just go for walks towards the mountains and see beautiful butterflies, lizards et. It has enough facilities for the tourist but it is not too commercialised and I am sure you will have a great time. It will probably be quite busy in August though, as this is when the Greek and Italian tourists also visit, so this may alter your perceptions a bit and put the prices up a little.
Alec Collins

Nidri beach is very scenic

We went to Lefkas and stayed in Geni just outside Nidri. Nidri is quite a busy resort with a long narrow sand/shingle beach, very very scenic though and the views from the beach are fantastic! Lots of lovely tavernas along the harbour and a really nice atmosphere. They love children as they do everywhere in Greece. There are two banks, four cash dispensing machines and several exchange bureaux. During the summer season, dozens of supermarkets are open all day from 9.00am until about midnight. There are three chemists, one doctors surgery open in the evenings, and a Post Office open weekday mornings. The nearest hospital with emergency medical facilities is at Lefkada Town.
Dave Seddon


Nidri traffic is not that bad

Car hire is a must in Nidri - you just have to see the rest of the island. It's really beautiful. We enjoyed it there and would go back, the scenery is lovely and although the main strip is busy and touristy I'm sure you'll be able to cope with it, it's not that bad! It's just typically Greek with everybody driving very badly indeed and lots of noisy motorbikes. Nidri is OK if you can get an apartment off the main road. It's very busy and traffic hurls by at quite a rate.
Noel McNally


Sivota Lefkas holiday reviews

Lefkas Syvota

Sivota Lefkas a good base for holiday

Sivota has a very picturesque harbour and is a good base to stay at. To get the best from the island you need to hire a vehicle of some sort. The weather here is superb at the moment and I am sure that you will enjoy your holiday.
Gina Sykes


Sivota Lefkas is very pretty indeed

Sivota is very pretty indeed with a very attractive harbour. It is very peaceful but can be a little cut off from the rest of the island, way down in the south. mostly visited by yachties. I would recommend a car hire if you want to see any of the island or indeed go to any beaches to speak of. There is only a tiny swimming point in Sivota itself which is not that great. I think there is a really nice beach a little around the coastline but I don't know if it is in walking distance.
Oliver Johnson

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