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Visitor reviews of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas from visitors on holiday on the Greek island of Lesvos. Have you been to Lesvos this year? I welcome all opinions on holidays in Lesvos.
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Lesvos Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Lesvos presents a rounded appeal that is more than the sum of its parts . . . sightseeing, picturesque villages and beautiful beaches.

Bad: Not a lot.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: With its balmy climate and suggestive contours the island tends to grow on you with prolonged acquaintance.

Bad: Lesvos may not at first strike the visitor as particularly interesting or beautiful; much of the landscape is rocky, volcanic terrain, dotted with thermal springs and alternating with vast grain fields, salt pans or even near desert.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: It has a bewitching magic. The people are friendly, easygoing, lyrical and fond of drink . . . prepared to burst into song and dance when the mood takes them.

Bad: Although much of the countryside is quite lovely, little stands out in particular.

Lesvos Greece holiday reviews

Lesvos reviews

Lesvos is so hard to ignore

After living on Lesvos for five years, I still cannot understand why this wonderful island is so ignored. The majority of tourists are repeat travellers to the island and cannot get enough of it's magic. You will not find better traditional food and olive oil in Greece and this is recognised all over Greece by the Greek people. In fact Greek people flock to Lesvos from all over the world to holiday in the summertime.

I have been to many resorts in Greece since Lesvos and I am always disappointed by the lack of Greekness and tradition which Lesvos has in bucketloads. The great thing is that because the island is self sufficient without tourism, it doesn't pander to tourists. Sorry, no English pubs and chip shops. It is not boring as your writer refers but breathtakingly beautiful, and if people are looking for "laid back" Greece at it's best with the nicest of people, lovely mountain roads, wonderful panoramic views, the best of Greek cuisine traditional musicians there is no better place to visit
Helen Swabey


Lesvos locals are very friendly

My wife and I stayed on Lesbos and we both loved it. It is the hottest island we have ever stayed on in Greece too. Overnight temperatures in particular were incredibly hot - and we had no air-con! We stayed in a village called Skala Kalloni which had some excellent tavernas and bars a good sandy beach - though we had a pool - and the locals were very friendly.
John & Rachael Sewell


Lots of wildlife on Lesbos

Lesbos a large island with plenty of history and lots to see. I think its actually the third largest of the Greeks Islands. Molivos and Sikiminias are absolutely stunning harbours. There's also a lot of wildlife on the island.
John Pardo


Anaxos Lesvos holiday reviews

Anaxos reviews

A really Greek feel to Anaxos

I'm really surprised at Mike's views on Anaxos. The beach is much better than the one in Petra and the Molyvos beach can hardly be described as such at all! The harbour at Molyvos, though beautiful,is more like a stage set than anything else these days although we still like to visit. There are far more tourist shops in Petra than Anaxos, even taking into consideration the size difference of the two and there are far more "tourist" restaurants and bars and a nightclub now. We felt that there was still a really Greek feel to Anaxos with old men on donkeys and small farm holdings dotted about. There is only one "bar" there as well (other than the kafenion which is excellent for mixing with the locals).

We found the food to be excellent just about everywhere,and far cheaper than Molyvos or Petra. Some of Mike's observations may put people off Anaxos and that would be a shame, especially with the sad demise of Goldensun which leaves fewer package tour operators now dealing with Anaxos. I know many readers are not great fans of package tour operators but they do make things that bit easier and can be cheaper than booking independently. I know we got our holiday cheaper this year through Kosmar. We stayed in Anaxos last May and will be returning in mid June this year for two weeks as we liked it so much. I've heard some people say that Anaxos is quite touristy and others say that it is a "one man,one donkey" village but I found it to be authentic Greek although there were obviously tourists about. There are a couple of car hire places but no burger bars and the like but there are also many local characters knocking about.

Although Molyvos is prettier I found there to be a lot more tourists there and it was almost like a film set. Petra is nice but even more touristy in my opinion. I'd base yourself in Anaxos and use the bus service (starts early June) to visit Petra/Molyvos/Eftalou (hot springs). Saying that, I can only really speak for the northern part of the island as we didn't get out and about a lot as my wife was pregnant so I'm sure there are some really quiet places on the island which I don't know about. Its all about opinions but I'd say that Anaxos would suit fine
Karl Williams


You will enjoy it in Anaxos

Buses in the Anaxos area on Lesbos are regular but they do not start running until the first or second week in June. The bus route takes you from Efatalou to Molivos to Petra to Anaxos to Skoutaros,turns round and goes back. Car hire is cheap and good from Kostas in Anaxos. You WILL enjoy it there. Molivos is gorgeous, if a bit like a film set, whereas Anaxos is just like a traditional Greek village with the only obvious signs of tourism by the beach.
Derek Watters


Molyvos Lesvos holiday reviews

Molyvos Lesvos reviews

We found paradise in Molyvos

We feel we have truly found our paradise on earth. Molyvos boasts a multitude of wonderful, reasonably priced restaurants in the town, by the harbour or near the beach. The people are friendly and welcoming and the sunsets really are remarkable. Over the years we have made many friends and on returning they are quick to recognise you and are abundant with their hospitality.

The cuisine is varied throughout the resort with more than enough restaurants to be able to choose a different one every night. We particularly like the Tropicana situated on the top of the hill where diners sit beneath the shade of a huge maple tree frosted with white twinkling fairy lights. Another favourite is the Three Garden Terraces midway along the town with stunning views of the harbour and sunset. But the ultimate is the Gatos, perched halfway up the hill to the town shopping area, with stunning views across the whole bay you feel as if you are perched on top of the world. The food is exquisite with typical Greek dishes.

On our many visits we have always hired a car. Whilst many of the roads that are marked on the map are nothing more than donkey tracks and totally inaccessible by car we did a lot of exploring. The petrified forest left a lot to be desired, very boring, hot and a total rip off. We visited Stipsi, renowned for the most wonderful honey and olive oil; Sigri, a quaint little fishing village; Eressos, fantastic beaches, nice restaurants, but some "enlightening" sights on the beach as it is the Mecca for lesbians. We had days out in Petra and visited the Ouzo factory, spent hours on the beach "people watching" and strolled through the streets searching out bargains.

Anaxos is quite a 'one horse town', and Kalloni is a nice day out with lovely beach, a few restaurants and the busy harbour. Molyvos however is by far the most picturesque place. The shops, restaurants, cafes, harbour and people leave you in no doubt that you have found Utopia. The place has a charm of its own. Whilst catering primarily for holidaymakers, if you venture through the little narrow alleyways on the way up to the castle you get to sample real Greek life. I only hope that they don't plan more package holidays to our Paradise on Earth as this would spoil it.
Jill Holmes


Lesbos relatively unspoilt by mass tourism

Loved the site, thought it was well planned and informative. It gives the true picture that you very rarely find in the glossy tour brochures but is essential when planning that all important holiday. Went to Lesvos in June of this year, staying in Molyvos in the north of the island. The island itself was beautiful and as yet relatively unspoilt by mass tourism, although it probably won't be long before it goes the same way as Skiathos and Zakynthos.Molyvos is probably the prettiest resort on the island although the beach is very pebbly. But there is a well preserved castle that hosts music festivals in the summer and a beautiful harbour with an excellent assortment of reasonably priced restaurants.


Molyvos is a wonderful place

Molyvos is a wonderful place, beautiful flowers everywhere and adorable cobbled streets. You will just love it. We were there in May last year and the weather was excellent, not too hot, though it was a little chilly at night. We are vegetarian and found a super restaurant in the harbour called the Grand Blue which had delicious food and a very wide menu. Not a vegetarian restaurant as such but I have never eaten such good food. I strongly recommend you try it out.


Petra Lesvos holiday reviews

Petra Lesvos reviews

Petra the best place I have found so far

My first taste of Greece, so laid back and inviting, was booked to stay in Petra on the northwest side of the island. I was a bit dismayed to find that the sandy beach that had been advertised in the brochure was in reality a fine aggregate, tiny pebble ribbon between road and sea. I was also immensely disappointed at the lack of lesbians in evidence, having had some idea that this was the Mecca for said people.

I soon got over this when I met Kostas the local donkey man (he led very reasonably priced trips up the hills by donkey) at the fantastic women's co-operative restaurant/bar in the town square. You name it, this bar would get it or find it for you! Unbelievably friendly people who always seemed to be genuinely pleading with me to stay and not just be a passing visitor.

As a lone travelling female (not gay despite my prior statement) I was enormously warmed by the friendliness and felt repeatedly reassured by being told: "If you have problem, you tell me, I help". Quiet enough to be restful, busy enough to be interesting and with the best disco in Lesvos (actually, I didn't bother to visit any others, I liked this one so much). I can't wait to get back there.

Molyvos, nearby, provided somewhere for me to whiz to on a moped and a place to eat by a harbour, a nearby naturist beach with a historical hot spring gave me somewhere to go for absolute calm. The sunsets in Petra are really something as the sun goes down into the sea and the water seem to light up from below. I visited Lesvos in May and the wild flowers were amazing! The traffic is minimal in the area outside of the main airport town and that this is the best place I have found so far for authentic and lovingly prepared food of the genuine Greek genre.
Suzy Vaughan-Schiele


Vatera Lesvos holiday reviews

Vatera Lesvos reviews

Lesvos is a Greek Greek island

We had a great time in Vatera. There was a large trampoline at Vatera that kids of all ages bounce around on until 11.30 pm. It's like the whole village turns up, it's nice to watch. It's strange, that at certain times of the day the beach gets deserted. The result is you practically have the whole beach to yourself. By far the bulk of the tourists are Greek, always a good sign. Maria explained to me that. "It's what we call a Greek-Greek island". The island is one of the few remaining unspoilt areas in Europe; no McDonalds, English pubs or German beer kellers, but you can eat any time of day and people do. It is a very quiet resort, quiet for teenagers. But for adults who want to escape, this is the place.
Harry Scott

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