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Visitor reviews of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas from visitors on holiday on the Greek island of Paxos. Have you been to Paxos this year? Let others know of your experiences. We welcome all opinions on holidays in Paxos.
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Paxos Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: After a day on Paxos you will have made some local friends and feel that you belong. Initially apprehensive about what you will find to do on such a small island, you will find the days accelerating all to easily by.

Bad: Tourism on Paxos means Italians, large numbers of day-trip visitors from mainland Parga and various resorts on Corfu.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Verdant, hilly and still largely unspoiled.

Bad: It has no sandy beaches, no historical sites, only two hotels and a serious water shortage, yet is so popular it is best avoided in high season.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Paxi is the tiniest and yet one of the most charming of the canonical Seven Islands.

Bad: In July and August is not without its share of tourists, mostly Italians and yachting types, straining the limited accommodation to its limits..

Paxos Greece holiday reviews

Paxos reviews

Paxoi is the perfect island

Paxoi is the perfect island. It has yet to have euro-invasion, there is no vulgarity of food and there are beautiful places to be reached from her. From Gailos it is 25 minutes by water taxi to Parga. You can visit - if you so wish - Corfu town for a spot of shopping. But a must is Antipaxoi, a lovely Robinson Crusoe day - fantastic beaches like snow and azure sea. Spiros - who is well known on the islands also owns the very nice taverna on Vriki beach - try the cockerel and spaghetti - superb! Wait until the last boat at 6pm when the beach is your own and you wonder why that is the last boat. It may well be a perfect place to watch the sunset ... but aren't you glad that you will never know.


Paxos is one of most beautiful islands in Greece

I work for Greek Islands Club . We have been renting houses on Paxos for 35 years and I have been going to Paxos each year for the last 40 years. It's good to see warts and all descriptions of destinations and you are very fair in putting up other travellers' comments. Day trippers : boats arrive in Lakka and Gaios from Corfu around midday and usually just stay a couple of hours. Tavernas in Lakka and Gaios are therefore sometimes crowded during these few lunchtime hours only your comment of crowded restaurants gives the impression of crowds throughout the day and evening.

Loggos is deserted at lunchtime, even in August. I do not know when you were last on Paxos there are now not so many Italian visitors Gaios attracts what appears to be a lot of people (due to its small size) and therefore has a buzzier feel but over the last 5 years I have never seen a crowded Loggos and have always seen empty taverna tables in August. Monotonous walks : perhaps you only walked in a few areas there are many hamlets hidden away on the island, deserted villages, stunning views from each coast. The olives provide shade for walking in the summer sun and add a dimension with their beautiful trunk shapes, sculptured naturally over hundreds of years. Perhaps holiday brochures do not mention the warts but I feel that your comments have missed some of the more positive aspects of Paxos, which I still feel is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. But I would say that wouldn't I?
David Watrous


Paxos people are always friendly

Paxos has a reputation for being crowded but we went there early in the season and found it peaceful and quiet. Also, the people are really friendly even for Greeks who are always friendly everywhere. If I want to get away from it all among delightful people and in wonderful surroundings I wouldn't hesitate to return.
Jeremy Griffiths


Paxos a lovely little island

Paxos is a lovely little island, very green. Take a water taxi over to Antipaxos, very quiet. A nice bit of nightlife goes on and they have one disco. One tip for you, try to avoid the time around August when the Italians invade the island as they drive around on noisy bikes. It's a pleasure to catch the bus that takes you along to the other two main resorts at the other end of the island and very nice they are too. Lovely Greek food they serve. We enjoyed the island very much indeed. A good island for walking.
Colin Sheridan


Paxos is heaven on earth

Reading your report my husband and I didn't recognise the island. Are you trying to put people off travelling there? This island is the best place to spend your well earned holiday in the sun. The people are lovely, the food in Mambo's is fantastic and the sea wonderful for snorkelling. Heaven on earth!
Julie McManus


Paxos island is for the finer things in life

Paxos is a wonderful island to discover if you like the finer things in life and don't want somewhere that is full of burger bars and English / Irish pubs. The beaches, though pebbly, are beautiful and the sea crystal clear - ideal for snorkeling. A short speed boat taxi away - Antipaxos is the perfect paradise island. The beaches are more like the Caribbean with excellent tavernas. I am glad that these islands are yet to be discovered by mass tourism! Though I agree about August as the Italians do take over with their mopeds and bat and ball games on the beach. The ball always seems to hit me!
Emma Tysoe


Paxos is not so expensive

I didn't find Paxos that expensive. Though we are not big boozers - usually just a meal and lots of local wine. We stayed in Gaios. Usually we paid a reasonable amount for an evening meal. We also had lunch most days at the Spiros restaurant at Vrika beach - excellent - on Antipaxos and I never found that expensive. A litre of wine is in Paxos varies but it is very cheap.
Simon Honnor


A wonderful holiday on Paxos

With regards to Paxos, my husband and I went there and had a wonderful holiday exploring the coves and olive groves and watching the magical fireflies on our walk home from Loggos to Elvira Cottage. If anyone needs a honeymoon hideaway then this is it. My husband proposed to me there and we would love to go back! We were there in May, when the flowers were still in bloom and before the tourists arrived in full force.
Jessie Bins


We thought Paxos was fantastic

We thought the island was fantastic. We visited secluded bays in our hired motor boat, spent lazy days on the beaches and extremely enjoyable evenings in the tavernas, which we couldn't fault. We visited Lakka, although only briefly for a coffee on the waterfront, but had great fun people watching. Our journey was fine, Gatwick to Corfu, where we had time for a couple of beers, then by boat onto Paxos. Definitely an island we'd revisit.
Sharon Johnson


The young seem to enjoy themselves on Paxos

The beaches on Paxos are nearly all pebbly, apart from a man-made beach at the southern end of the island and the beaches on Antipaxos. That, plus the 2-hour ferry ride from Corfu, seems to discourage families with very young children, so you don't see as many youngsters as at some mainland resorts, or islands with airports. Nevertheless, the younger visitors that I have seen on Paxos certainly seem to enjoy themselves.
Rachael Maclean


Paxios is my home away from home

When I was reading this I've got to say that I was almost angry. I've been visiting Paxos for seven years and have had the amazing chance to work on the island. I disagreed with a lot of what you said. Have you actually visited the island? I find it hard to believe that you have. Lakka is the most beautiful port I've ever seen, Deo's is a fantastic restaurant to eat in as well with very reasonable prices. The people of Paxos are incredible and I have some great friends on this island. I really do think of Paxos as my home away from home.
Elizabeth Aldred


Lakka Paxos holiday reviews

Paxos reviews

Paxos is so much like Greece should be

I would just like to voice my opinion on Paxos .I we stayed in Lakka at a private villa and had the most wonderful time on the island. Lakka is a beautiful village, so much like Greece should be. So many places have been ruined but not this one, no long bar street, no mad bars - just lovely people there to make your holiday in some of the nicest restaurants. Lisa's Corner is the best if you like proper Greek food - new but quality and if you fancy something special go the night before and request it, if it's possible she will do it .But it doesn't stop there, most of the restaurants I would go back to again and the bars are chilled but cozy - try Harbour lights where Yannis and Louise are great hosts.
From the village we walked to Loggos, lovely for a quiet meal in the evening and also to Gaios which is a bit busy during the day but better at night. I recommend Dunnos, about 100m along the harbour on the right with the sea on the left. Paxos is one of the best Greek islands we have been to.
Gary Sewell

A wonderful time in Lakka

Always wanted to go to Paxos but didn't because we thought the trip too long for the children - we were right. 14 hrs of travelling from getting up at 4.30am and arriving home in Wales at around 5pm with transfers, hydrofoil and air travel etc. However, although we still think the island unsuitable for children (we were based in Lakka - no sand) - we had a wonderful time in this lovely middle-sized Paxos village. The Lakka water was beautiful and although the beach was pebbles (we had sun beds each day), the sea bed was sandy. Arriving on 5 July we found it was extremely quiet - apparently it is normally busier but there was a lot of accommodation empty.

The Lakka villagers were extremely friendly and hospitable and the food cooked by every taverna was the best we have eaten - we have been travelling to Greek islands since 1978. From an authentic curry cooked by Colin - a Burmese chef, to wonderful prawn or mushroom saganaki - we had a wonderful, restful holiday, sunbathing, snorkelling and eating our hearts out - the first holiday without the daughters for 20 years! The scenery is spectacular, especially on the West Coast seen from an "around the island" boat trip. The island is very green. We were told to avoid August as it is when the Italians invade from Brindisi on their motorbikes, otherwise the roads were very quiet and the locals seem to go around on scooters.
Carol Parry


Youngsters find something to do in Lakka

We usually visit Paxos in July and there are always a few families with teenagers around in Loggos, so I would expect there to be more in Lakka in August. I understand that Lakka has an internet cafe, so I should think that would be a good place for your kids to start looking for friends their own age. There is at least one disco in Gaios - the Phoenix - but I think it's only open at weekends. Getting there from Lakka is no problem on the bus and you could always pre-book them a taxi for the return journey. We've been going to Paxos since 1992 when we were desperate for a budget-priced week there. The accommodation we stayed in, in Loggos, not Lakka, was fairly basic, but for what we paid, very good value for money.
Geraldine Fennel


Lakka can be very expensive

Well there's a few bars and when I was there at the end of May it was very quiet, but the UK kids on half term seemed to be having a whale of a time. I would imagine that when the Italians arrive it will get quite lively and any age group would enjoy it. There's water sports to be had at Harami beach. Be warned Lakka is very expensive by Greek island standards.
Mark Rix


A brilliant two weeks in Lakka

Just got back from a brilliant two weeks in Lakka, staying at Eritha Apartments. The accommodation was better than I expected - a bit basic but clean and very close to the centre of Lakka. We had no complaints whatsoever. The rep, David, is also a really nice guy and is very helpful. Plenty of good bars and restaurants and beautiful scenery. Be prepared for a long day when you are travelling as they seem to have a few problems with the hydrofoil, everyone seems to arrive and leave the island on a Monday! I had reservations about this holiday but we had a great time.
Pat Childs


Loggos Paxos holiday reviews

Loggos reviews

Loggos is a really nice place to stay

Paxos is nice, very small, all shingle beaches, but relatively unspoiled, especially after the heaving mass of Corfu airport. Bit it is very full of Brits who come every year. However Loggos is a really nice place to stay and Travel a la Carte have some lovely places there.
Jane Lyddon


Loggos was very pretty, very restful

We usually stay in Loggos but have often visited Lakka, which has a beautiful bay. Resist the temptation to spend every day on the nearest beach - hard because the place is so laid back - and, if it's not too hot, stroll over to the lighthouse and up to the village of Ippipanti - the spelling is wrong but that's how it sounds! A bus trip to the other villages is recommended as is a trip to Antipaxos. There is usually a boat from Lakka. Although the place is not blessed! with discos etc, the bars and tavernas are lively enough in the evenings. Our teenagers wandered around on their own or with friends, it is that sort of place. The island is very pretty, very restful, and difficult not to want to return to.
Sarah Tobin


Antipaxos Paxos holiday reviews

Antipaxos reviews

Sandy beaches on Antipaxos

Make sure you go to Antipaxos if you love talc type beaches! Also, if you are anywhere near Giaos, try Genesis taverna on the water near the green man statue. The owner Alex offered to strip to music for us - which we politely declined! But the food there is excellent!
Dawn Tilsely


You must visit Antipaxos

When we visited Paxos we stayed at various places, all of them great. Our first trip out was a round the island boat trip with a stop off in Antipaxos. What a heavenly place! The views of the west coast cliffs as we sailed by were spectacular and the tiny boat took us right into the wonderful caves, one in almost total darkness which was a bit spooky. The sea in Antipaxos has to be seen to be believed. It was stunning clear blue, more colourful than I have ever seen anywhere and perfectly clear as far as you could see. The beach was fine golden sand. I you ever go to Paxos you must visit Antipaxos. It is just too good to miss
Irene Cannel

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