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Reviews and views of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of holidays from tourists who have visited the island of Rhodes. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Rhodes.
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Rhodes Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Rhodes, island of the sun god Helios, claims to be the sunniest place in Greece and certainly has the longest holiday season . . . a good choice for a 'summer holiday' in autumn with reliable October sunshine and the sea warm enough for bathing even in November.

Bad: Rhodes Town, along with great swathes of the island's coastline, is totally devoted to tourism. Although there are smart restaurants, hotels and shops, the overwhelming style is brash, cheap and gaudy.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: It is no accident that Rhodes is one of the most-visited Greek islands. Not only is the coast lined with numerous sandy beaches, but the capital's nucleus is a beautiful and remarkably preserved medieval city.

Bad: Unfortunately this showpiece is jammed to capacity with up to 100,000 tourists a day, nine months of the year . . . the few buildings which aren't hotels are souvenir shops, car rental or travel agencies and bars - easily a hundred in every category.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Rhodes, 'more beautiful than the sun' according to the ancient Greeks, is the largest and most fertile of the Dodecanese, ringed by sandy beaches, bedecked with flowers, blessed with some 300 days of sun a year, dotted with handsome towns and villages full of monuments evoking a long, colourful history - in a nutshell, all that it takes to sit securely throned as the reigning queen of tourism in Greece.

Bad: Rhodes is a holiday Babylon, Europe's answer to Florida, a glittering, sun-drenched chill pill in the sea where people shed their inhibitions with their woolens.

Rhodes Greece holiday reviews

Rhodes reviews

Rhodes island is a credit to Greece

After reading through your site, I am left very confused as to why you've actually created it. I can only guess that you maybe are a Greek national trying very hard to put off visitors from visiting this very beautiful Island. I have been going to Rhodes on and off since 1983 when Faliraki for example was a fishing village and, although the island has become very spoilt by tourism, the beauty and genuineness of the local people has not changed at all. I have never met people as friendly as the Rhodians and I have travelled to many Greek Islands. If anything, I think your intense criticism of this truly wonderful Greek island can only serve to increase its popularity as the many genuine holidaymakers, who like me have a true love of this island and its people, will surely write in to defend it against your unfair criticism.

Of course there are downsides to Rhodes as there are to any holiday destination but the upsides to the island - its culture and its people - far outweigh the latter. Why not tell us about the unique history of the island and the incredible bravery of its people during its occupation by the Germans and then Italians during the last war? Or even to the fact that this island was only given it's independence in 1947 for the first time in centuries! This island is a credit to Greece and much more than a "spoilt" holiday destination.
Diane Hickey


Serves to keep people away from Rhodes

Having just returned from Rhodes I can concur with some of your comments, but not with the overall sentiments expressed. We stayed close to Lindos in a 4-star hotel with direct access to the beach at Vlicha. This was sandy and never crowded. Sun loungers were available at all times of the day. The sea was shallow warm and clear -perfect for swimming. On our travels around the island we found the beaches on the south westerly portion of the island, though shingly, completely unspoilt (and devoid of facilities) and great for a bracing swim.

Lindos is a nightmare during the day but by late afternoon the hordes have left on their buses and it becomes a friendlier, quieter and more enjoyable place to be. Rhodes Old Town, though busy, is a joy to visit. The setting, buildings and history are breathtaking. As a seasoned traveller, I find that wherever I go I can find great people, good food and wonderful sights to see. It sometimes takes a lot of searching but there are loads of great aspects to Rhodes; your unremittingly negative views will only serve a purpose if it keeps people away so that we can visit again with fewer crowds!
David Dungate


I've seen very little of the Rhodes you describe

I have been going to Rhodes for the last five years and intend to live there eventually. I have seen very little of the Rhodes you describe and must come to the conclusion that you are Turkish and do not like the Greek islands or the people. Myself and all members of my family that have been to any of the Greek islands are of the same opinion, that the islands are beautiful and that the Greek people are amongst the friendliest in Europe. If I had never been to Rhodes, reading your site, I would be put off and not consider going to Rhodes. But I reckon that is your intention.
Lindsay Green


Rhodes still my island of dreams

I am going to Rhodes with 22 friends to celebrate my 60th birthday. This will be my 66th trip to the island. Over the years the island has changed dramatically but is still the "island of dreams". I have found the people to be the friendliest I have ever known. I stay in the town when I am with friends but when I travel on my own I stay at the home of Greek friends. It's a wonderful island. Yes, parts of it are "touristy" but that is the livelihood of the Rhodians. There are still many unspoilt areas. Orfanidou St in the heart of the season can be a nightmare but there are still some friendly bars where you are treated as a valued customer, namely Pete's Pub at the Blue Sky end of the street. Do try this island, it's "poli kala".
Anne Trew

Rhodes has everything for all ages

I went to Rhodes twice last year on my own. I'm well travelled and know Greece very well from a young age, Elena Bernardinis concurs that Lindos is a hell hole. Well it has a fabulous fortress that overlooks the town, the town itself consists of converted Greek houses all of which interlink and most have been converted into holiday homes. Because of the narrow streets it has a medieval feel about it . In the summer it is a nightmare because of the crowds but late at night it is so very romantic wandering around the streets most of which are whitewashed. I generally found the food in Rhodes, with the exception of Faliraki, was first class. The people I am pleased to say were typically Greek and very friendly. For souvenirs, if you shop around there are some very well made pieces up for grabs.

Afandou beach was absolutely fantastic. In July the beach was empty, miles long, lovely warm clear water and no one to bother you.
Rhodes old town is a must, a Turkish medieval city rebuilt by Mussolini in the 40s. It is an absolute dream one just simply steps back in time . . . .amazing. There cannot be too many places left in the world like this place. Again it has a second character altogether at night and again is a very romantic place to be. There is too much to mention on the net, get yourself over there and see it for your self, I will definitely be going back ! Rhodes has everything for all ages. It is a hot island I was quite surprised myself. A must-see if you are a lover of Greece like me.
Byron Williams


Depressing views of Rhodes

Do you take anti-depressants? You should. I have just returned from Rhodes and found the island beautiful, accessible and basically brilliant. I hope you don't hang yourself, Rhodes will have nobody to report such depressing views. I am amazed by your comments. Are you Michael Winner?
Alan Stuart


Really love this island Rhodes

I have been to Rhodes twice now and am going back. I went some years ago and we visited lots of different places and, me being only a child, must have caused my parents hell wanting to go everywhere with them. This is because I am adventurous. But surprisingly I found these places to be beautiful and exciting and it draws me to the island every time I think of planning a holiday. The valley of the butterflies was amazing and well worth the visit, but I do agree you must leave the butterflies in peace or there will be no butterflies, and that would be a shame.

The Old Town leaves much to be desired in places but get yourself lost and you can find a whole different world from the rest of the island.
But I am serious - you must get LOST. We did and its the best way to see the things you would miss following the maps. It's also a lot of fun. It's like a maze, but a good maze. We also visited the monastery behind Trianda and view from up there is breathtaking. Really I love this island and it is very beautiful if you look past the dirt and there really isn't a lot of it.
Kelly Hughes


Rhodes holiday is what you make it

I have read many comments on all my travels abroad and have found that a holiday or travel adventure is only what you make it. I have been to Rhodes six times and they are nothing like the last, and just get better. Rhodes has everything, if you explore. Locals can tell you places to visit that no book can. I have heard other visitors to this wonderful island comment that they did not like Rhodes. Well, with the most friendliest people, the most beautiful beaches, the most magnificent castle, the most wonderful scenery, the most brilliant weather and lets not forget the most marvelous food, you cannot help but adore Rhodes.
Mike Barret


Rhodes an island full of beauty

I cam across your site accidentally. Most sites on the Greek Islands provide pretty much the same info as you have but with much less criticism. I recently visited Greece for the fifth time in my life. I am a Greek Australian proud of my heritage and culture.
Greece to me is more of a home to me than Australia. It has everything that this sunburnt country lacks - in particular life,culture and character. It is a country rich in history and archaeology and pretty much the cradle of civilization. In my opinion you have to be Greek to appreciate all that it stands for. The point of this message is that i was pretty much insulted by your coverage of Rhodes. It seems that you could not see beyond the plastic bags and rubbish and appreciate its beauty.

Rhodes is indeed an island full of beauty and rich in culture. Its inhabitants are possibly the most friendliest people that i have ever come across. Their villages which you claim to be 'boring' mean everything to them and I am sure that they would not appreciate your negative remarks. Every country has an unsightly side to it, including the US and the UK. Perhaps you should provide a guide to your country and include the unsightly and the 'boring' in it too. I don't think you would appreciate the same things being said about your town. While i agree that their is an 'ugly side' to Rhodes i have looked beyond that and appreciated it for what its really worth. I think you should learn to do the same. You have not provided an accurate description of the islands of Greece.
Len Silk


I choose to live on Rhodes

I am British but I choose to live in Rhodes as I love the island. I have worked elsewhere in Greece, but you can't beat Rhodes. Not just the beauty of the island, but also the people, the weather, everything. Everybody has different tastes however, and I think that if you have been somewhere you should be able to give advice to people (good or bad). But too many people come away now with the idea in their head that they are NOT going to be happy with whatever accommodation they are in or island they are on, and if they cause a big enough fuss then they can get some money back. Yet they will soon stand up and make a fuss when people come in their country and 'know the benefits etc and try and change 'their country', so maybe they should stop and think before they put other people off of something that they might actually enjoy.
Cate Lyon


Afandou Rhodes holiday reviews

Afandou reviews

Unexpected good time at Afandou

I have just recently returned from a holiday to Afandou and had an unexpectedly good time. In the past (when I was younger) I have been to Faliraki and was worried that returning to the island as a couple may be a bit of a nightmare. Afandou boasts, in my opinion one of the best beaches on the island. It's quiet with a few watersports and the sea is the clearest I have seen in a long time. It is also one of the most accessible places to be situated, on one hand you have the lovely quiet nightlife of Afandou town and on the other for a few euros in a taxi you have Faliraki for the late heady nights.

We managed to visit a number of beaches all a short taxi ride away including Stegna and Tsampika, both of these beaches have fabulous traditional tavernas where you can sit and watch the world go by. If you stay later at Stegna beach the fish restaurants begin to light their bbq's and you can enjoy the catch of the day. Getting home from these places is no problem as everyone is willing to call you a taxi which inevitably turns up within a matter of minutes. The prices were also good in and around Afandou. We did notice an increase in prices when we ventured into Faliraki for the evening, however it still did not compare to the extortionate prices of Crete. At the Golfers restaurant on the main road out of Afandou the waiter was really helpful in pointing out local specialties and brought many testers to the table for us to sample. It makes a difference to have these added extras especially when at the end of the meal. You are asked to pluck a bunch of grapes, fresh from the ceiling, to have as your dessert.

Both times I have been to the island of Rhodes I have had a memorable time and this time was exceptionally good, with a mixture of relaxation and late nights. It is perfect for all ages and everyone we met seemed to be of the same opinion. I also thought that the people were the friendliest I had came across on a Greek resort - but that might have just been the ouzo.
Nicola Carney


Afandou paradise of peace

Returning for my 50th after first going for my 40th I have never been anywhere since. The two brothers, Mike and Dimitri now have their own apartment block, which has everything you could want, at basement prices. The village never changes, we have many friends there now, and it's great to see them at least once, if not twice a year. Our best dinner is always at Daniels. Both Mikes bar and the Acapulco are the best yamas bars.I hope I am still going to this small paradise place of peace till I die.
Charles Boyle


Afandou the best of times

After going to Afandou twice in two months I have to say its very different the second time around. I initially went in August when it was at its hottest, reaching temperatures of around 45 degrees. In this temperature Afandou beach was the perfect place to relax. But be careful, I made the mistake of floating around on the sea on my lilo. It was the worst idea, although it seemed cooler with the sea breeze I later developed severe heat stroke. The water was clear and the beach wasn't too crowded. the perfect place to find enlightenment and peace. I also took the bus to Lindos beach and found it to be absolutely beautiful, clear and still. Be careful there too, its overcrowded and swimming can be difficult as you sometimes hit your feet on the rocks underwater as you enter.

I traveled around the town of Afandou with a friend of mine in the evening searching for nightlife, rather than go to Faliraki and have some drunken tourist vomit on me or trip over one on the pavement asleep.We found the night life to be a bit dull. There was an English bar called Diva which had a disco downstairs with air con. I found that the air con was the only attraction it had. The music was terrible and the drinks overpriced. The place most people would tend to gather in the evening especially families would be the bars in the Square. We discovered a bar called the Acapulco bar run by brothers Mike and Dimitri. It was the best spot to hang out and chat. Mike would always pour free shots and everybody in the bar would raise their glass and shout 'Yamas' which I understand is Greek for cheers. I left with a warm glow and thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. So much so that I returned in October.

This however was a totally different story. It rained for three days and I spent those days in a jumper and trainers and big frizzy hair. Also the town was empty, most places were closed and the majority of the tourists were much older than me. I felt a little isolated as I was on my own so I went up to Faliraki. Faliraki was also mostly closed, but still had the lager lout youngsters who were totally wrecked walking around pale and highly intoxicated. Not a very nice place in my opinion, and the clubs were worse. The place absolutely stank to the high heavens. Don't go to Faliraki its awful. But don't go to Afandou in October unless you feel your ready to sit indoors and fester. August may be expensive but its the best time and I loved it.
Christina Orr


Maybe Malta instead of Afandou

I have been going to Afandou for the last seven years and find it the most friendly place on earth. You must also not have visited the Four Seasons restaurant - top class food. Lapedo, in the square, serves cold beer in cold glasses and it is white wine, not red, in Afandou. I had to visit again after seeing what you wrote about Afandou. On second thoughts you may be right. I have cancelled our trip this year. Think we will try Malta instead. May your ancestors watch over you.
Terry Mcdonald


Faliraki Rhodes holiday reviews

Faliraki reviews

Faliraki has everything for all ages

I have to say I agree with your comments of its buildings, roads and kerbs etc. they do indeed leave a lot to be desired, as does its airport! There seems to be a multitude of unexplained holes along the roadside and cable that seems to start and end nowhere. However, I cannot recall you making any good points about the island. I have been there three years running now and am hoping to return to live next year. I have stayed in Rhodes Town and Faliraki and enjoyed both resorts.

For the younger people, there is Faliraki - a lively and buzzing place. Ideal if you want to party into the early hours of the morning, meet people from all over Europe and sunbathe all day. There are many hotels/apartment without pools, although you can use many of the other hotels facilities within the resort. We found the beach to be lovely although the 'dirt-track' to it a little difficult to find. However if you head towards the Water Park - one of Europe's largest - there is a more cosmopolitan feel with plant and flowers lining the edge of the roads, cleaner and tidier roads/pavements and hotels/apartments. If I could recommend one bar in Faliraki it would have to be the authentic Scottish Bar - 'The Tartan Arms' - its staff are the friendliest I have ever met and it atmosphere amazing. There is still a lot of development taking place in Faliraki and as most tourists visit in the summer, you will notice a lot of building sites - but not much work taking place, this is because most of the building work is done from September to April.

Rhodes Town itself has a much more cosmopolitan feel and would probably be best suited to couples rather than group of friends. However, there are still many bars, clubs and restaurants to suit everyone's tastes. I would conclude that the traveling to Rhodes and the traveling from the airport to you resort is a bit of a nightmare and the roads/pavements etc are a bit dangerous, but so long as you bear this in mind whilst travelling you will not be disappointed in the rest of the island.
Emma Lewins


Watch the Faliraki prices

I went to Rhodes and stayed in Faliraki, a large purpose built tourist town aimed at the 18-30 group. The north end of the town is being developed, with large faceless appart/hotels catering for families with children (urgh). The middle stretch is bars and nightclubs, with small apartments catering to the "youth" groups - all beer and sex. The southern stretch is mostly small apartments in fields, with a sprinkling of family run tavernas. This area is the best in the town. You can, should you wish, sample the "nightlife", then escape the noise and bustle and retreat to your peaceful apartments, although I did hear that they could be noisy if you had a group of "younger, more lively" guests staying alongside you. The tavernas in this area were more friendly, and less expensive than those in the town and along the main street and the food they served was good and wholesome.

The beach is OK, but not the acres of golden sand that the brochure promised. The main area is buried beneath a sea of sun beds, supporting herds of sweating sun worshippers. There was also a group that feel unable to enjoy peace and quiet and booming ghetto blasters is the norm. The small bay at the very south end is reserved for nudists, and can be very gay. Persons of a nervous disposition would do well to avoid this, but as naturism is fun, don't let it put you off as this is possibly the most friendly beach I have ever encountered, with people willing to sit and chat, feeling at ease to join conversations. And take some sandals to swim in. The access to the sea is over very sharp rocks. You have been warned!

I visited Rhodes Town twice. A once beautiful walled town, it is swamped with tourists after midday, but if you make the effort and get there early you wont be disappointed. But be sure to make your escape as the hordes arrive. There are few less edifying sights than families with screaming children being herded by semi clad beer bellies in union jack hats, looking for the cheapest pint. One point to watch for is the exorbitant cost of food in the tavernas, especially in the old town. There are various sandwich bars, doing a takeaway service, around the market that backs onto the harbour. Try one of those instead of the overpriced cafes in the same area.

I visited a beautiful beach in Tsambika, an easy bus journey away from Faliraki, Just get on a bus heading toward Lindos, but remember to ask for Tsambika Beach (there is another stop for the monastery). A mile long walk down a the tarmac road brings you to the beach, a wide arc of sand. The road brings you to the north end of the bay, where there is a small shop. The beach extends southwards, initially backed by canteens serving cold drinks and snacks, and servicing rows of sunbeds. After they have petered out, you could be in paradise. Nudity is the norm at the southern end, and the gently shelving sandy beach makes an ideal spot for swimming. The downturn is that the beach is backed by what looks like a makeshift car park, flattened scrub land. Not nice to look at, but the beach itself more than makes up for it. One word of warning, take some shelter, there is none there and it can get very hot!
William Makin


Faliraki is Blackpool on speed

Went there last May, found Faliraki like Blackpool on speed, but without the aggro. Sure, lots of loud bars and clubs but everyone enjoyed themselves. We stayed in Heraki and took our bikes, getting right into the heartlands and mountains on dirt tracks. Stunning scenes and hardly saw a soul all day. Found everyone very welcoming and nothing was expensive. The south was spookily quiet. Going back for more rides.
Peter Coello


Pure Faliraki fun in the sun

I have just discovered this site, and read some of the views from people. I have to say that I absolutely love Faliraki, and I am traveling there again - my third year running. Each year I have taken a different group of friends with me and they have had the time of their lives. The people are constantly happy and friendly and go out of their way to make sure your stay is a fantastic one. Savvas Studios, aka Family House is possibly the best place to stay there as they really show you a great time and definitely make your holiday one to remember. I am sure Faliraki won't suit everyone's palate but it certainly satisfied mine. I have made so many friends there each year and look forward to seeing them again when I go this July. If you are young, up for it, and crave fun in the sun, you will not be disappointed.
Emma Newman


Faliraki turned out a nightmare

How right you are about Faliraki. The brochure described it as lively. It turned out to be a nightmare. Discos and drunks were the norm and the crowds were awful. Never again. We will choose somewhere quiet next year and look to your site to show us the best places to go. Good luck with it.
John Steers


Haraki Rhodes holiday reviews

Haraki reviews

Instantly fell in love with Haraki

I was reading your article on Heraki and I must say I was shocked at what you had to say. I recently visited Heraki and instantly fell in love with it. It was the most beautiful place I had ever been to. The beach was breathtaking and was kept very clean, which is rare to see at holiday destinations. The shops and bars were perfect for simple everyday needs. The people were unbelievably nice and friendly and I made a few friends while over there who I stay in touch with. It was not at all 'deadly dull' it was quiet enough for the people who wanted to just relax and had enough entertainment for the others who wanted to have a bit more fun. I personally am going back at every possible time. I'm currently doing my A levels and am considering taking a year out to go over there.
Sophia Beaven


Haraki holiday was brill

We went to Haraki on a quick last minute last year, and it was brill. If you want quiet, and I mean quiet, then this is the place. We found it great. We don't do discos (40ish), don't require bars open 'till 4am but love the countryside and snorkeling. Boy did we get it in spades! Apartment about 40yds from beach (shingle) but the bay is beautiful, and if you walk round the corner, there is a huge sand beach stretching for miles, and you can see Lindos from there. What can I add, be laid back, don't give the Greek rep to much grief if its not done NOW. Hire a bike from the young cheeky one - you'll find him on the road out of town. As for nudism, there aren't enough people to worry, especially if you take a walk round the corner of the bay or swim round the corner away from the arm with the restaurant on (you'll see when you get there!) and there is a beach virtually inaccessible from the road.
Spike Spruce


Lardos Rhodes holiday reviews

Lardos reviews

Lardos is purely as Greek as it gets

Very disappointed with your remarks regarding Lardos. Firstly I have been Lardos 2 to 3 times a year for the last 8 years and I have yet to see or find a karaoke machine in the whole village. This word alone can put people off for life and to Lardos this would be a killer.

The thought of anything like Falaraki is abhorrent as this village is just that, a Greek village that has a lot of tourists visiting due to its Greekness. Yes there a couple of bars that are next to each other (Memories and Yammas) that have music playing but by midnight they have turned that down so you can barely hear it - not exactly the image you have portrayed.

There are plenty of other bars and restaurants that are "Greek" and the menus barely cater for the English "egg and chip brigade" unless you go to Shirley Valentines English Restaurant. They are purely of Greek cuisine which is close to British food in that it is very meat based but cooked in different styles. Even the Greeks eat chips!! The only English owned Eden Bar (formerly Julia's) is as much Greek as any of the Greek owned bars and is frequented by locals and ex pats alike.

Lardos is purely as Greek as it gets in northern Rhodes and from my point of view is second only to Gennardi (south Rhodes) for an unspoilt Greek village. The locals even get married and have their party in the square.
James Boult

Lardos a fantastic place for a holiday

I have been visiting Rhodes since 1997 sometimes twice a year and find it a fantastic place for a holiday, especially Lardos, which has drawn me back over a dozen times. It is not, and I hope never will be, like commercialised Spain etc but is still well worth a visit. I always hire a car and tour the island which has many beautiful views and scenery, especially around the west coast of the island.

The people of lardos village, which has a fantastic night time atmosphere, are so helpful and friendly and many are now personal friends. Other great places to visit are Lindos, Pefkos, Prassonissi and numerous bays and beaches . . . and by the way, if you are looking for an upbeat night on the tiles, then it's Faliraki . . . great! Enjoy!
Kev Cowie


The real Lardos lies in wait

Having come across your site via Google, I was keen to see what comments had been made about a favourite place of mine. Having been going to Rhodes now for at least 18 years. I was very disappointed to read the entry under Lardos. I have been going to this village for the past 16 years, having started off by staying in Kalathos. I feel that your comment about the beach been boring is unjustified. OK, itís a little quiet and perhaps not the easiest of beaches to get to if you happen to be staying in the village.

OK, I guess your comments are based on your own opinion, but I think you should go and see the area now. The so called Lardos village is full of shops, a few bars and some hotels and apartments. This is not Lardos as we see it. This would ideally have to change, because if you are approaching the village from Lindos come through Pefkos and then Lardos people arriving here will think that this is it and not venture to what is in fact THE REAL LARDOS.

Perhaps your comments should be updated as they really do give a poor reflection on what is a beautiful place, so full of character. The village is still a working village during the day and many a time has been spent people watching and seeing what goes on in there daily life.
Simon Lewis


Lardos almost my second home

I have been going to Lardos for 18 years or more now and consider this my second home. You will find this village on the south of the island, about an hour form the airport. The village lies inland, away from the main beaches, and about 10 minutes from the popular resort of Lindos. There are two ways of getting to the village. The first will bring you through Lindos and Pefkos. The second is a turning right off the main road just after Kalathos. Personally I would choose this route.

The first option is OK if you like a package-type feel of your holiday. You'll come across rows of tourist shops and hotels with plenty of places to eat and drink. The beaches here are large, with plenty of people. However this is not the true Lardos. Continue along the road for signposts for Lardos. If you miss the first there is a second. On entering the village you will instantly notice a slower pace of life. If you like a quieter pace of holiday then the village is a must. Here you will be welcomed with open arms.

There is a wide choice now of places to eat and drink with all tastes catered for. Sit in one of the many bars that overlook the square and do what everyone else does - drink in the atmosphere and people-watch. Watch the locals buy their fruit and veg out from the back of a truck; see local people selling tables and chairs; see the fishmonger bring his daily catch and, if you are lucky, get some to eat later on in the evening.

There are restaurants-a-plenty. All offer a wide range of food. One of my favourites is "The Old House" with views over the square. Just a short stroll is Roules restaurant where pizza fans cannot go wrong - and they do takeaway! As for the bars my two favourites are Yamas and Julia's Cafe Bar. The first is great for people-watching, the music is upbeat and, in the evening, tends to attract a mixed crowd. Julia's is the best bar in the village. Not only is the atmosphere great but the staff even better. You get more of a local mix here. I hope you now have an interest in going to the village and, should you go to Julia's say hi and Simon sent you.
David Thorpe


Lindos Rhodes holiday reviews

Rhodes Lindos reviews

Lindos is a busy but magical place

Just returned from the Greek island of Rhodes, my second visit. My first was staying in Lindos, which is always very busy but a magical place and I thoroughly enjoyed it there.†My second visit was to Tholos, or Theologos, as it it properly pronounced and I was very disappointed. The beach was pebbly and not the cleanest I've been to.†Secondly, there is always a strong wind in this area and the sea can be quite choppy, so not suitable for children. I have visited many Greek islands and would strongly recommend Lindos in Rhodes and Rhodes old town, but I won't however be returning to Tholos.
Aljaynon Siddique


Lindos is so different from any English holiday

Well, you've done a very good job of making Rhodes sound like a complete nightmare! I spent a holiday there last year. My friend has a house near Lindos and we had a glorious time.†That said, when I go this time, I shall be looking at it in a different way!† I adored the constantly blue skies, the Greek food and the people. Yes, Lindos was packed full of tourists and rubbishy shops, but it was so different from any English holiday, so.. exotic almost. I loved every minute. I especially loved the food and the weather. if you think Rhodes is so bad, I'd love to visit one that you think is good. I normally holiday in France, and†the last few years have spent my holidays in the West Country, loving the more 'isolated ' Cornish coasts. Few and far between maybe, but lovely.†In other words, I'm not the Faliraki type Blackpool tourist. But I loved Rhodes.†Maybe it was the company. Perhaps that's what a good holiday is all about.
Lesley Dixon


Pefkos Rhodes holiday reviews

Pefkos reviews

Few Greeks to be found in Pefkos

Just came back from a holiday at Pefkos Rhodes in August and oh how much I wished I had read your review of the place before I booked the holiday! Pefkos still appears on various places as a quiet village with a beautiful beach and we were dissapointed by the busy roads, charmless recent developments that cater, it seems almost exclusively, for British tourists who are after packed pools, English breakfasts, Chinese or Indian meals under the Greek sun! The beach is nice but very very busy. In general 80 per cent of the people working in bars restaurants in developed Rhodes did not speak or understand Greek - we once ordered Greek coffee the foreign staff did not know what it was and could not help us!

On the positive side, the place we stayed, Stella Hotel was very busy but very clean and special thanks to the owner Stella for being so helpful and accommodating. Rhodes old town was magnificent, Lindos castle and ancient site beautiful but we visited at 8am! After 9am there is no point as the place gets packed with hundrends of tourists. It is also extremely hot at night -reaching 40 °C while north Rhodes at the same time may be at 30°C.

Finally, our favourite place Lahania village - an untouched gem with a beautiful taverna "Platanos". Eat at Platanos and explore the village roads around it. And our favourite beach was Mavros Kavos, after Plimiri but accessed only via a long truck road which get quites tricky at places. You need to get instructions on how to find it from locals but it is worth it as this beach is a paradise if you are lucky to get to it on a day without wind. In summary Rhodes is a beautiful island but very very developed, definitely worth visiting but the best time, in my opinion, would be May or October.
Theano Anasta

Pefkos spreading like mushroom

We have been going to Rhodes for many years now and normally stay at Pefkos but that may change it used to be a quiet little place. But now it's spreading out like mushrooms. We understand that changes have to be made and that small villages have to keep up with the times. A few years ago very few of the older properties were not geared up for children and did not have pools. But since the tour operators have been giving the hoteliers the option of installing pools, with cash from the operators, it has ceased to be a quiet little haven for older folks like us. We like Haraki but it too has started to change. It's still a very restful, with good food along its frontage. The villages of Haraki and Massari are still full of the old Greek charm.
Terry Eden


Pefkos nightmare - but a holiday saved by good Greek friends

I said I would get in touch as soon as we got back from Pefkos. We didn't have a chance to go to Haraki as we were a bit tied up with the police. Four days into our holiday we were informed that the safety boxes we use had been broken into and 20 out of 40 had been done over. We found that one of the 20 was ours. They didn't take our passports but they did take all our cash. We then had to go to Lindos to make a statement, so with no money we just had to readdress what we were going to do for the next 10 days. We found out that most if not all safety deposit boxes in Greece are not insured and that offices are not alarmed. If you use these boxes it just gives you a claim against your holiday insurance and maybe your household insurance. So make sure you keep your money somewhere that's alarmed.

We still had a great time and were well looked after by our Greek friends, so here's to next time. It was a bit of a nightmare but with the help of some really good Greek friends we managed. The trouble is when abroad nothing ever happens and everybody becomes complacent. Small places expand and, as they grow, they present opportunities that didn't exist before. I think this could have even been some of our own English holidaymakers as some passports were left. They even broke into a tourist shop and stole knives and then dumped them on the beach. We still love Greece and Pefkos and will return as soon a possible but not with so much cash.
Terence Thornton


Stegna Rhodes holiday reviews

Stegna Rhodes reviews

Welcome from Stegna bar owner

Stegna Beach is an unspoilt resort with a beautiful golden beach and clear, clean sea water. It stretches for about a mile from one end to the other. The resort is backed by ancient mountains where goat bells can be heard in the distance and the pleasant fragrance of jasmine can be enjoyed in the evening. Stegna Beach has only been open to the British Tourist for a few years now but is now starting to offer a little more than it used to. All the tavernas on Stegna provide home cooked Greek food and everyone is friendly and welcoming to the visitors. Menus range from fish, steaks, local Greek dishes, salads, pizzas and baguettes. There are two larger supermarkets and a couple of smaller ones offering quite a good range of products and next season there will be some more additions to the resort.

Stegna Beach offers sunbeds with umbrellas and there is also watersports which offers ringos, banana boat rides, paragliding and water-skiing run by a friendly local Greek family. There is one bar - Mercedes Cocktail Bar which is situated in the centre of the resort and has been in Stegna for three years. Mercedes Bar offers daily snacks, a pool table, games for the kids to enjoy, an English book collection for visitors to use and a more lively atmosphere in the evening with a wide range of music and live entertainment. If you want a relaxing holiday in a small resort with good local food and friendly service and a bar with more life after dinner then Stegna is the place to visit.
Mercedes Botto


Stegna basically brilliant

Visited Stegna and just thought you might like an update. The beach is wonderful, quiet, peaceful. Food is VERY basic (often reheated in a half hearted fashion) apart from one very good restaurant called Knights Castle which was brilliant. There are just three buses each day to escape Stegna and no taxis run after 5pm from Archangelos. The food and drinks are expensive. Accommodation is generally good but pay extra for air conditioning. If you want a very basic holiday without nightlife but with beach then Stegna is OK.
Gary & Sandra Hentham

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