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Visitor reviews of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas from visitors on holiday on the Greek island of Skyros. Have you been to Skyros this year? Let others know of your experiences. We welcome all opinions on holidays in Skyros.
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Skyros Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: Skyros town in unquestionably one of the most beautiful hill villages in the Aegean . . . immediately reminiscent of a Cycladic village, though the architecture is more elaborate.

Bad: The keen seeker after ethnic Greek truth may well be disgusted by the pubs and cocktail bars at the bottom end of town.

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Skyros still ranks as one of the most interesting places in the Aegean. It has a long tradition of painted pottery and ornate woodcarving and a salonaki skyriani (handmade set of chairs) is still considered an appropriate partial dowry for any Greek woman.

Bad: Compared with Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, Skyros isn't a great place for beaches. Most beaches along the west coast attract a certain amount of sea-borne rubbish and, although the scenery is sometimes spectacular, the swimming isn't that good.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: Long years of isolation account in part for the island's distinctive charm and character, the staying power of its old customs . . . the outside world has arrived but the Skyriots are determined to set the rules by which it operates on their island.

Bad: Not a lot.

Skyros Greece holiday reviews

Skyros reviews

Noisy time in Skyros

I went to Skyros naturally expecting a very quiet time as the island is well off the beaten tourist trail. How wrong can you be? I stayed in Chora at the bottom of the hill, which is very pretty and there were tremendous views of the coast below. But the beach in August was different altogether. It was very crowded with lots of noise from the local music bars.

But it was even worse at night with bars and cafes blaring out music and noisy motorbikes revving up along the narrow lanes all night long. The streets are so narrow the echo of noisy motorbikes reverberates and increases the row. It was simply awful and I hardly got a good night's sleep the whole week. The food was good - typical Greek, as was the slow service and sometimes I had to wait to get a place at a table. Where do all these people come from? If I do return I will make sure to avoid August.
Davina Pearson

Skyros not a cheap island

I liked Skyros which had great scenery especially in th north of the island. But it was not a cheap place to stay. Food was varied, with lots of Skyrian specialties on the menus but none of it was cheap. Neither were the shops. I bought some jewellery but it was very expensive. That apart, this felt like authentic Greece which tourism has not yet spoiled but the experience comes at a high price and I doubt I can afford to go back there again.
Sheila Mayer

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