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Reviews of resorts, beaches, apartments, tavernas and all aspects of holidays from people who have visited the island of Thassos. I welcome all opinions on holidays in Thassos
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Thassos Greece travel guide reviews

Which? Guide to the Greek Islands

Good: A beautiful, if slightly monotonous round island of pine covered, well watered mountains, its sandy coastline fills up with campers and beach holidaymakers.

Bad: Not being fanned by the summer meltemi it often verges on the torpid. Fanned or not, forest fires have ravaged the island in the recent past and, in a large area of south-eastern Thassos, damage is still visible

Greece: The Rough Guide

Good: Thassos has long been a popular resort island for northern Greeks . . . accordingly it is far from unspoiled but . . . enclaves of bars and discos haven't completely swamped ordinary Greek rural life.

Bad: Given the package resort ethos, cuisine is not Limenas' strong point, and is generally overpriced. The picturesque tavernas at the old harbour are predictably touristy and greasy fast food is all too abundant.

Cadogan Greek Islands

Good: The northernmost Greek island, Thassos is also one of the fairest, almost perfectly round, well watered, ringed with soft beaches and mantled with fragrant intensely green pinewoods, plane trees, walnuts and chestnuts.

Bad: It wasn't long before Germans and Austrians soon discovered how quickly they could reach Thassos by car, while the opening of Kavala airport to international charter flights has definitely changed the all-Greek character of the island, but not too outrageously.

Thassos Greece holiday reviews

Thassos reviews

Impressions of Thassos from Matej Jasso

Thassos is a mixture from marvelous, beautiful, sometimes breathtaking sceneries, nice beaches, clear sea and the still more visible impacts of mass tourism. In September Thassos is not overcrowded but the end of the season is seen everywhere. In some places there is a lot of refuse and a litter basket is an absolute curiosity on the island. Especially the area west from Limenas is - depressive is maybe a too strong word - but definitely not charming.

We stayed in Hotel Villa Rachoni in Skala Rachoni,a very small settlement with lack of infrastructure. But it has some charm, at least the beaches, the olive gardens and also the hinterland. In September there are a few Czech and English tourists, other nationalities (Germans included) are very rare. The beaches of Skala Rachoni are ideal for children and for those who are looking for quiet, calm and nice surrounding, long walking, sun-tanning or simply being left alone. Me and my girlfriend enjoyed every minute of our being on the empty, small beach and swimming in crystal azure, almost emerald sea. Such clear sea as in Thassos I have experienced very rare.

The evenings were a bit problem. In September, it was getting cold, daily temperature arose 30įC but during the evening the temperature dramatically decreased. In Skala Rachoni there is practically no opportunity to sit down indoors. The bars or cafes, all the four tavernas have merely the outside places. Also during the night it was uncomfortably cold in our room. In addition, the early sunset comes - evenings were surely not the most comfortable part of our holiday. So let me make a short tour around the island.

Thassos town (Limenas) is worth a visit because of rich historical sites, small shops, agreeable tavernas with delicious food and the typical greek atmosphere. Actually, the beaches in Limenas and in near vicinity are definitely not ideal, they are crowded and dirty. In direction toward Skala Rachoni, there are some small beaches (Pachis etc.) having some charm, but all the surrounding is suffering under the refuse and other kind of pollution.

Skala Prinos is a dirty small settlement with a ferry port, some ship-repair facilities. The beaches and the hotels are quite ugly and I would recommend every other village in Thassos, but avoid the Skala Prinos. Skala Sotiros and Skala Maries are small settlements with some character, but without something special. Limenaria in the south of island is a typical product of tourism, but I didn't feel it disgusting. It has the beautiful beach of Metalia, beneath the former German iron mining factory and the scenery is fabulous.

Also the beaches of Pefkari and Potos are agreeable, with crystal clear water and better infrastructure. The south of the island, the Archangelos bay and other small beaches, caves and bays are simply breathtaking, it seems like the southern coast of Crete. Also the western coast has some highlights. The Kinyra beach, Alyki is probably a bit under the tourist pressure, but the landscape and the scenery is unforgettable. I was positive surprised by the valley of Skala Potamias and Golden Beach. Sure, there are some disturbances (new wild rising buildings without correspondence with the surrounding), but the views from the sea are really impressive. The Ypsarion mountain, sometimes hidden in the clouds, sometimes clear visible, the villages of Potamia and Panagia, the large bay of Skala Potamias are surely very impressive.

After short stay in Makryamos we were back in Thassos town. Finally, some personal remarks. Thassos is surely one of the most interesting and most changing Greek islands. The natural beauty guarantees that Thassos is predestined to be one of the jewels of Aegean. It is disappointing that in some places there is lack of the care about the nature, beaches, forests and the Thassians have sometimes a very indifferent relationship toward the environment. But this is a Greek mentality, so in the endless debates with my girlfriend I have to advocate this, telling her those are the Greeks, you have to accept it or deny it but you will never change them. However, it must be confirmed, that the Thassians are very friendly and pleasant. So this was some of my first impressions of Thassos, I am sure I'll be back there in some future years.
Matej Jasso


We loved Thassos for its scenery and beaches

Just returned from the very scenic island of Thassos. We stayed in Skala Sotiros, at the Vranas studios. The resort itself is quiet and under equipped for tourism,having four small tavernas and three bars all dotted in different locations throughout the village. Meals are competitively priced. If you are traveling in early/middle June some meal options are not available. The beach was a tiny shingle strip and disappointing compared to other beaches on the island (we recommend heading to the campsite 500m from the resort where the beach is sandy with shade and water crystal clear).

The resort does not offer the typical mopeds/ car hire venues or excursions,so finding good deals means a trip to Limenaria (20 minutes by bus). The Varanas studios served excellent food from their taverna. The rooms were basic and clean but service was disappointing even by Greek standards. We had a toilet which did not flush and took the best part of 15hrs to be fixed. The window shutter packed up half way through the holiday and after several request for it to be fixed we ended up bodging it ourselves.

Car hire is essential to explore the island which has wonderful scenic views and beautiful coastal beaches. We recommend Tripiti, Paradise, Pefkari and of course Golden Beach. For the more adventurous of you look out for makeshift signs to beaches not stated on the maps. They are great for snorkeling and you could have the beach to yourselves all day. The larger resorts are typical to many other larger islands but seem to have a more ambient and relaxed feel to them. We strolled without encountering any hassle from taverna owners trying to entice us into their establishments - just a big smile and good morning.

Taking your car off the main roads and into the hills was great fun and the best way to encounter typical Greek living. We recommend Pandelemonas as there was a lovely monastery nearby, Panagia was also beautiful. We stayed their half a day due to its remarkable houses and views. We did encounter litter as your review indicated however it was random and only really visible when stopping on mountain tracks or in remote locations so not really a issue if you compare to many British towns or cities.

To sum up, we loved Thassos for its remarkable scenery and beaches,its friendly people (we visited Skala Potamis and purchased items from a small supermarket having no change available for a 50 euro note the shopkeeper gave us our goods smiled and indicated for us to return later with payment - not like back in England). We will be back sometime and we hope mass tourism does not invade this island.
Lisa Williams


Happy to stay on Thassos

Having picked up some useful points on your site, thought I'd pass on my own impressions for future visitors to Thassos. We stayed at the Algari on the seafront at Limenaria and found a week was enough to pack in the majority of the sites of this beautiful green and mountainous island. The hotel was clean and functional, Limenaria a good base to explore the island, the people friendly and eating out was easy and reasonably priced.

A basic guide of things to do would include - Travel - Hire a car from Speedy's in Limenaria - cheapest on the island and fully insured, 'Mr Speedy' is an entertaining guy (say Mr Osborne sent you) - three days was enough to see the majority of the island. You will need a 4x4 for some of the interior and anything off the main roads. Beaches - Metalia, with its old mining factory, Paradise, with beautiful views from the sea (and a steep entrance), Aliki, unspoilt and rocky to the left, scenic and sandy (but a bit crowded) to the right, Nysteri and Dasilio Prinos (nr Skala Prinos) with shady trees.

There are many smaller coves that are worth seeking out - particularly on the south and east, just drive slowly looking for signs, tracks or parked cars. Most of these have beautiful views and crystal clear seas and are excellent for snorkelling. Other Activities - the (steep) walk up to the acropolis and amphitheatre at Thassos town is a must - particularly in the evening. A meal out at Megalos Prinos in the interior one evening (the roof terrace at the first taverna was a good location). A boat cruise from Thassos or Limenaria. The cliff top monastery at Archangelos (more impressive outside than in). Mountain biking on the off road tracks around the forests and olive groves. There would also be lots of good walks through the pine forests if you have time to explore further.

All in all we found the island very enjoyable, relaxing and picturesque, whether you were just looking for sun sea or sand, or to explore in more detail. It is geared to the tourist but still fairly quiet and relatively unspoilt (although litter (and occasional over zealous taverna owners!) can be a problem in places). We found we were able to cover the majority in a week but many were happy to stay longer or come back the following year. We went to Lefkada last year and Thassos was probably just about on a par with that and we would certainly recommend it.
Matt and Emily Osborne


Utterly charming island of Thassos

I have literally just returned from a two week holiday in Thassos. I booked the break without knowing anything about the hotel or island and then proceeded to read all the messages here. If I had done this before booking I would have changed my mind. Why all the negative comments? Rubbish, wasps - didn't encounter any of this! My husband and I who have high expectations only found the island to be utterly charming and extremely beautiful with pretty little harbour tavernas and absolutely stunning beaches and scenery. Thassos is probably one of the few places left not to be devoured by tourism and still remains truly Greek in its culture. We loved it and can highly recommend the Hotel Ilio Mare in Skala Prinos.
Janet Jackson

Thassos puts Brighton to shame

Thassos! Where the hell is Thassos? Ii thought I'd been looking at Kos, Rhodes or Crete. I did a little research on the net. Hey this place looks good and it's cheaper than other Greek island resorts. Here we are after a three hour flight from Gatwick - me, my trouble and strife and two teenage dolly daughters. A quick coach ride. a pretty ferry trip of 35 minutes and there she blows - Thassos town, and it's looking good. Onto the next coach and of we go onto the ring road. Lovely views. First tourist drop Skala Prinou, a rustic fishing village with boat builders' yards and port. On to Skala Sotiros - similar, my tribe looking slightly worried. Onward, scenery getting better and better. Next drop near Skala Maries. Oh dear, hotel on main road. It cant get worse can it? Here we are, Limenaria. Sign on a scruffy orange main road hotel says HOTEL AGALI. My heart sinks, wife and daughters have eyes like daggers. 'Follow me.' shouts our rep.

We go down a side street. Keep going I mutter to her under my breath. Then I spy the sea front at the end of the narrow road. Round the corner and there it is in view. Bingo! and relief for all. This looks a bit of alright! Baggage waiting after being taken on a truck from the airport . Nice little touch by tour operator. A friendly welcome from Maria, our host. Girls straight on free sunbeds on beach. Me, key and luggage to room overlooking sea. Shorts on, lilly whites out. Onto hotel deck looking out to sea with ouzo in hand. This is the life.

In the evening up to town for nice meal in beachside taverna, a visit to a couple of buzzing bars then back to hotel. Onto deck, listening to waves, with outrageous cocktails. Day two, took it easy on local beach; met rep; booked Greek night out. Ate and drank in Limenaria in evening. Day three, Metalia beach. Fifteen minute walk. Impressed, could easily come here every day. Nice beach bar with snacks, Greek salads and mezzes. Clean crystal clear water.Two sun beds and umbrella all day. Goggles and snorkles a must.

Evening to Potos. Lovely sandy beach and views. This place is busy and buzzin' with back-to-back tavernas, bars with music and plenty of nightlife and shops. Daughters loved it. Nice two course meal and plenty of drinks in Irene's taverna. More bars and back to hotel for nightcap at 1am.

Day four, Trypiti beach and walked about two miles. I thought it was closer, girls not impressed. Not as nice as Metalia and fairly crowded. It is the Greek annual holiday, but worth a visit. Better for young children. Evening in Pefkari, a mini Potos, closer and quieter and a reasonable meal. Back to Limenaria and Nitro's roof bar. Cocktails good and a great view at night.

Day five we hired a jeep. Girls thought it was wicked. Went to Megalo Kazaviti, A pretty village in the hills, fantastic views and two lovely tavernas in the tree covered square. Salad and cheese locally produced and delicious. Onward to Thassos Town. A quick stop to pick up some bits and pieces and a beer in Cheers, a bar on the harbour run by a nice guy from the UK.

Onward towards Panagia up the steep winding road. Fantastic views coming out of Panagia down towards Skala Potamias. Then on to Paradise beach for a swim. Not well signposted and a steep drive down dirt track to beach. Be warned take your car half way down and turn round and park or park at top. A lot of people were grounding their cars trying to get up.

This beach has stunning views behind and in front out to an island. The water is shallow and soft white sand goes right into the sea. Perfect for young children. No sea urchins and a taverna and beach bar, but it can be crowded in the high season. Four hours later and were heading back past the pretty Alyki beaches and the stunning ravine-like roads of Archangelos. Scary! Back to Limenaria for the night. There is plenty going on here, but not to noisy up our end, although there is the lively end of town which stays open late in the holiday months. A good base for a holiday here.

Day six, back to Metalia Got talking to the beach bar owner and his friend who spent five years in the UK. I got a free beer and bbq'd sardines for my troubles. The evening was spent at a Greek night in Limenas. Endless food, wine, soft drinks and entertainment, with Greek dancing. Great fun. Last full day, I've booked a trip on an old Greek boat from the local harbour. We board at 9am. We head along the coastline, first to an idyllic bay for a swim. Then we sightsee from the boat towards Alyki beach. An hour of Greek line fishing in a rocky bay. I got the first one. All fish caught going towards the bbq. We stop to swim onto Alyki beach then to a taverna for a beer and quick tour. Back to the boat for food and soft drink then a private beach for another swim. Magic! At 5pm we land back at harbour.

Tonight's our last night And I've decided to go to a taverna I've read about on the internet. The girls are bit dubious. We enter the cafe Pelekanos. Were greeted by mine host, a Greek named Georgio. All he cooks is his famous homemade chicken soup, and spag bol. We order both. The place is full off old local artifacts hanging everywhere. George is a scream. And he shows you all his visitors books from all nationalities going back years. He plies you with small shots of neat ouzo and The beer keeps flowing. The chicken soup is a meal in itself and the spag bol is massive and dripping with feta cheese. Both are delicious. We stagger out of there some hours later and back to the hotel for a drink with Maria and more mad cocktails. A great last night.

Sunday morning we catch the coach back to Thassos town. Thassos is friendly and you get well looked after. Even the young Greeks are polite and don't pester young girls. And as for you people that say it's dirty and litter ridden you must be on drugs. It puts Brighton to shame. I hardly saw a fag butt, never mind paper And the Greek women - I might take a couple home with me, always cleaning and tidying. And you lot that whinge about mosquitos and wasps, I had more bites the next week in the UK. This place beats Costa Blanca hands down. I hope this article gives you a little insight into Thassos. My girls loved it. We'll be back to see more of the island and its history soon.
Mango Lttlechild


Thassos island is best

My name is Lyndsaye and I have been to Thassos 10 times. I love this island and have made many Greek friends. One of the best places I stayed was Antigone apartments in Thassos and we still keep in touch. I have visited most beaches and love them all. What can I say? Friendly, relaxed and the best. Hotel Fedra at Golden Beach is a must for good food. Better than Leeds!
Lyndsaye Bentley


Beautiful and friendly Thassos

We have just returned from a week's holiday on the isle of Thassos. It was one of the best holidays that we have both been on. The island is beautiful with the friendliest of people. The locals couldn't do enough to help make it a superb holiday. We stayed at the Aberdeen Studios in Thassos Town and would recommend them to anyone. Carol and Vassillis (the owners) were excellent - as was Zoe who worked there for them. The pool was wonderful and the bar area a lovely place to catch up with the other guests and enjoy a drink in the evenings. The studios were very clean and had the option of air conditioning if required. We are certainly going back!
Peter and Alison Wales


Thassos full of wonder

We have just returned from a wonderful week's holiday in Thassos. There was not one negative aspect of the holiday. We too stayed at the Dafni apartments, where Ellen was superb and so friendly. We loved Alyki and far from being on the edge of commercialism, we felt it was totally unspoiled. The wild flowers, the turquoise clear sea, nightingales, and totally friendly people made it a holiday to remember. We also did some fabulous walks. Who says there is nothing to do on Thassos? It is full of wonder and enchantment!
The Simms


Thassos is really pretty

I would like to say just a couple of things about Thassos. I am from Thessaloniki and I discovered Thassos approximately 10 years ago when my parents bought a house at Kazaviti. I have been to many Greek islands and I have to say that Thassos is really pretty because it combines sea and mountains. It is extremely green covered with beautiful pine forests and, even though, it has been devastated a couple of times by fires it has since recovered remarkably.

Thassos is lovely because apart from a couple of areas that attract mass tourism, there are still many places that are very traditional and unspoilt by tourism. For example Kazaviti, Theologos, Rachoni etc. are very picturesque little villages that emerge out of the forest. In the summer they are an oasis of freshness - it is like they are protected from the sometimes unbearable heat of the Mediterranean sun. At night you can sleep really well as it is never too hot and also surprisingly there are no mosquitos! The sea is also crystal clear and you are spoilt for choice! There so many beaches to choose from!

Thassos has some incredibly beautiful areas and anyone who is a bit romantic or loves nature can appreciate that! I love the place and I have found nowhere else the fantastic smell of oregano and thyme in the air as soon as you enter the gorgeous forest of Megalos Prinos. However, I have to say the Thassians and the visitors have to be more conscious about the way they treat the environment. It is very sad to see so much litter scattered around in the summer.

Thassos is our idea of paradise

Myself and my girlfriend got back from Thassos and I don't agree with all your comments. We thought the place was excellent, not a far cry from my idea of paradise. I've toured Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, all Europe, USA and this place ranks among the best. We stayed at a small family run place called Dafni Apartments which is around 10 minutes walk from the harbour (new harbour). The owners couldn't do enough for us. Ellen and Thasilos (not sure about the spelling) were very hospitable, helpful, approachable and friendly. We couldn't have asked for more and I would thoroughly recommend the place. They own a small one level apartment block (11 apartments) set in some lovely gardens with a swimming pool and small pool bar in a quiet location, 200 yards away from a lovely sandy beach and 300 yards from the supermarket.

The island seems to exude a certain charm and the people are genuinely friendly as they are on other Greek Islands. They can always spare a minute to talk, are always willing to help and with a smile on their face. There are no hassles from locals selling their goods. The food and drink is excellent, especially the fish, and is superb value for money. We didn't have one bad meal. The only problem being no matter what you order the meal always seems to be accompanied by a spattering of chips (fries).

We hired a car for a day and found the road infrastructure was superb for such a small island, the drive around the island, about 60 miles could easily be done in a day. We stopped at several places and came across some nice beaches. The only negative points I can make is that we found car hire comparatively expensive, especially jeep rental and for the non sun-seekers there wasn't a great deal to do on the island, but then the reason people go to Thassos is for the sun and not white water rafting, bungee jumping, etc - just a peaceful relaxing holiday.

We spoke to many fellow tourists who all agreed that is was a beautiful island and would be paying the place a second visit in the not too distant future. Our apartment neighbours preferred it to Jamaica for everything, other people said they've been to Cyprus, Corfu, Kefalonia and preferred Thassos. I could go and on about Thassos, singing its praises.
Mark and Winnie London


The same Thassos as you?

We went to Thassos for two weeks in June. We hired a car for 11 days and explored every inch of the island. The island is really beautiful with many historical sights to see, the weather was wonderful, the beaches were immaculately clean, the people were friendly and the food was excellent. We did not find packs of stray dogs on Thassos town beach or rubbish strewn beaches anywhere on the island, in fact I have many, many photos of near empty beaches with absolutely no rubbish whatsoever.

I fell in love with Greece and her islands on our honeymoon and we never go anywhere else, and yet I can honestly say, Thassos is one island we would definitely go back to. We have been to most of the Islands you comment on and have also been to mainland Greece, and we can't agree with your opinions of any of the islands. I think the only comments you have made that we could actually agree with, was the one about Laganas on Zakynthos, being full of lager louts and how learning to speak a few Greek words is always received well. I have progressed to long sentences and can actually have conversations in Greek now and although I'm nowhere near fluent, one of the first things I learned to say in Greek was, 'Sorry, I don't understand!'

We choose an island and before booking our holiday, I do my homework. I read books and brochures and find out as much as I can about the different resorts before deciding where we want to stay on a particular island. This is due mainly to not wanting to end up in the 'Club 18 -30' resort and looking like everyone's parents! I would hasten to add that very few of the Greek Islands we have visited even have 'Club 18-30' resorts.

We make a point of never residing in the island's capital as this can be a little noisy and on the whole, holiday brochures are a lot more accurate now than they used to be. We never choose top class hotels, favouring self catering accommodation where we can please ourselves and we always hire a car, even if just for a few days to be able to escape the crowds if the need should arise and to be able to visit places off the beaten track. These few rules have always worked for us and we don't always go in early June, sometimes the middle of August or in September. Maybe we have just been lucky as we have never had a bad holiday and I have hundreds of holiday photos taken on various Greek Islands as proof.

Perhaps, in an attempt to give a really honest opinion, you are unconsciously always looking for faults and flaws during your holiday and spotting the minute imperfections that the rest of us would not notice. After all, it may be paradise to us but Greece is part of the 'real world'. People live there and people work there. The best advice I could give you would be to relax, let the warmth of the Greek sun wash over you and enjoy your holiday. Enjoy the scenery, the crystal clear seas and everything a Greek Island has to offer. Then perhaps, you too will return home feeling as though you have been to paradise.
Bev Clarke

Your Thassos review is alarming

If you find Greece, the Greeks and everything Grecian so repulsive then why oh why do you keep returning every year? You really should consider trying somewhere else more to your taste - lifeless, devoid of tourists and locals alike, and sterile - perhaps the Moon! I've visited Thassos many times and I love the place. The people are warm and welcoming, the food is excellent and the natural beauty is breathtaking. How anyone in their right mind could find Golden Beach boring is beyond me! It's considered the finest beach in all Greece, the sea being crystal clear and the sand very fine and,of course, golden.

I can't believe that you "trudged" all the way up to Panagia to find a decent meal, all the tavernas along the beach are poor little man! Isn't it strange that Thassos has the largest number of yearly returners than any other resort in Greece . . . could it be that they're all wrong or stupid or something? I don't think so. It's obvious that you're not much of a nature lover . . . the leaves on the beach bother you, the seaweed bothers you, the flies bother you, the wind bothers you and the pollen (turd-yellow scum) bothers you. You're not much of a humanitarian either. You don't like Germans or Greeks, especially Greek children who have more of a right to be there than you do. Do us all a favour and stop at home! Good luck in your boring little life.
Catherine Guthrie


Thassos island a perfect paradise

I would recommend Thassos island in Greece. The perfect paradise for a couple who want a romantic holiday with deserted beaches. Try Dionysis Hotel absolutely fabulous view of the Aegean and the mountains. Long fine sanded beach,for those evening walks whilst deciding which fish taverna to eat in. Louloudis Villas, in Rachoni. Lovely mountain views across the road from some small deserted hidden beaches. Hardly anyone there. A lovely little beach bar and a fish taverna At the Louloudis George and Dimitra certainly know about customer service. When doing an island trip don't miss out on Aliki beach for the day and the fish restaurants and Koala bar. Also Kinira, the monastery is worth a visit and also Potos and Psilli Ammos (fine sands). The crystal clear blue/turquoise sea will blow your mind and the fabulous sunsets around 7.30 in the evening.
Kalo Taxidi


Good roads around Thassos

There is a good road that goes all the way around the islands but you will need a jeep if you want to head into the hills as tracks can get very rough - worth the effort though. In Thassos town do what everyone else does and park in any available spot you can. The town is not very big though so you can park outside and enjoy the walk. For the best beaches and forest roads my advice is to stick to the west and south.
Sam Gidni

A few reviews of Thassos

Thassos is one of the cleanest Greek islands I've been to (and I've been to a few unspoilt ones - NOT KOS/RHODES/MYKONOS or any of the other lager-lout-infested places), and my experience is that the Thassians take pride in keeping their island clean. ...and as for nothing to see on Thassos....that is utter cr*p. The island is steeped in history, there are ancient ruins to be found all over the island if you get off your fat bums and look for them, monasteries perched on cliff tops, beautiful beaches, ancient amphitheatres, churches.

Some people think that if they can't see anything from their sunbed, then there can't be anything to see. Take my advice, rent a car (for a lot cheaper than other islands) and will find too much to fit into a fortnight, and will go back. It's no fluke that Thassos has the highest rate of returning tourists among the Greek islands. Over 60% of Brits who go to Thassos, go again . . . hence the saying "you'll never go to Thassos once". Thassos is a lovely island - small enough to get around in one day put packed with variety - great beaches, forests, walks and very friendly people. We have stayed in Limenas (Thassos Town) three times and loved every minute.

I will second Thassos as your ideal destination. I have been there eight times to Thassos town,was there last month, will be returning. It is so friendly and there are some stunning views on various beaches etc. Food good too. Don't know what it is about Thassos but when I go next it will be my 9th visit. Just seems more grownup than the larger islands - no lager louts,no sparklers in your cocktails etc. Feels like you work all year then go home to Thassos to unwind. Hope it doesn't become more touristy or English!

My wife and I got married earlier this year and there was only one destination for our honeymoon. THASSOS! Now four months later we are about to fly out and we can't wait. Also excellent for kids. One of the few places left where children can wander safely anywhere. I'm sure wherever you head you will have a great time but Thassos is a definite winner!
Richard Gaskin


Makryammos Thassos holiday reviews


Makryammos for holiday campers

We stayed in Makryammos for two weeks in June. The children loved it as there are the woods, a small playground and the swimming pool. But my wife and I found it a bit holiday campish. The apartments were nice and clean and well kept and it was a steep climb up from the beach - our apartment was at the top right by the road. The beach was good though except for the seaweed and big clumps of pine needles but it never got too crowded.

It is a fair walk into Thassos town (fortunately downhill but uphill on the way back) so we took taxis each night as we preferred the food and the Greek ambience - not a lot of that in Makryammos. We hired a car the second week and wish we'd done that when we arrived. There is so much to see and the beaches are as good as any Greek island, better than most. We loved Pefkari and Alyki. Simply stunning!
George Taylor


Disappointed by Makryammos

We were very disappointed in our holiday to this resort. What the brochure doesn't tell you is about the small lizards living in the apartments. The children's pool was the size of a paddling pool. The food was only lukewarm. If you want some entertainment go and watch them load the ferries at the port - the arguments were great to watch and the people in the docks working also carry guns!
Shay Glenn


Skala Potamia and Golden BeachThassos holiday reviews

Skala Potamia reviews

Relax on Golden Beach and Skala Potamis

We stayed in Golden Beach on Thassos in the last two weeks of September. We had just a couple of days of rain but mostly the weather was very sunny but not too hot. Golden Beach is a great resort for a relaxing holiday. Skala Potamis is just the same beach really but there are some nice cafes there. A perfect place to chill. There are a few bars but not many shops which was a bit disappointing. You need to take the bus to the capital at Limenas for some shopping. We enjoyed the meals at Akrogialia and Captain's Table in Skala Potamis.
William Salt

Give this attractive island a try

My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful two-week holiday in Skala Potamias staying at the Suzie Studios. The location is excellent with a wide choice of tavernas for snacks, coffee, lunch and evening meals. We had excellent meals at Flysvos, Green Sea, Magic Ocean, Theagenanys and Alkyoni. For a change, if you want to enjoy great English hospitality for a drink or a snack then you must visit Iain and Anne at The Aegean half way between Skala Potamias and Golden Beach. The whole beach around the bay is ideal for swimming in the Aegean or just sunbathing and paddling every now and then to cool down. The Suzie Studios are typically Greek and therefore fairly basic but have an excellent swimming pool.

If you plan to hire a car, donít make the mistake we did by booking on the Internet. We know from our experience that you will get better service and a better price by waiting until you arrive in your resort. I was saved by Pauline at Potos Car rentals and if I had not pre-booked, I could have got a far better deal from her. We have only previously visited Greek Islands with their own airports in order to keep the transfer time to a minimum but the transfer form Kavala was excellent both ways. You donít have to worry about your cases, which are transferred between the airport and your accommodation separately and efficiently. The short ferry crossing of about half an hour turns into a pleasant extension of your holiday. So if you enjoy Greek Island holidays and have not yet tried Thassos, we think that you should give this attractive friendly island a try.
Jan and Brian Clark


I would happily live in Skala Potamia

I have been to Thassos and Skala Potamia many times with my wife and have always stayed at the Hotel Achilleon,†apart from once when we stayed at the Natasha. We have always found the people and the place really great. At the Achilleon we are treated as nearly family by Maria and her sons. Sadly Jimmy died a few years ago and it was a great loss of a nice man. There are plenty of places to eat and drink all with a warm welcome. It is so chilled out we need a month to get back up to speed when we get home. I would happily live there tomorrow. I have been to other Greek islands but never had the love I have for Thassos.
David Caress


A great time in Skala Potamia

Skala Potamia! Not a burger bar in sight and lots of restaurants and a handful of bars. I've visited many Greek Islands and Thassos is one of the best, probably THE best! I think you'll only find the burger bars/litter in Thassos Town,which incidentally was very nice as well. You can get a water taxi there from Golden Beach, a 20 minute walk from Potamia. We were there last September and if you don't have a great time I'll be amazed.


A fantastic holiday at Skala Potamia

We stayed in Skala Potamia last September and ventured into Golden Beach a few times. There are only a handful of restaurants there but it is a very cheap taxi ride into Skala Potamia anyway. Its a nice half hour walk in the day but it does get a little chilly on evenings in September. There's a cosy little bar called Daves in Golden Beach if you fancy a drink and there's also a nice Irish bar. We didn't eat in Golden Beach at all but I'm told 'Vigli'; is very nice. Most of the restaurants are much alike and we didn't have a bad meal in our time there at all. We found the best was Alexanders in Skala and the Indian restaurant there is also very nice as well,believe it or not! There's a small English run bar as well called CJ's and that's nice and friendly. All in all we had a fantastic relaxing holiday there so I think you've made a lovely choice. Make sure you have a night out in Thassos town,its really nice and you can get a water taxi there (right by where you are staying) for a couple of euros and a taxi back which is also very cheap.
Stephen Passmore


Skala Potamias by far the best

Skala Potomias is far the best, nice quite beaches definitely no larger louts, some fairly good excursions around the island but hire a car and go your own way as only a small island and easy to get around.
Tricia Locke

Don't listen to negative comments

Don't listen to any negative comments about Thassos - this island is paradise to those looking for a tranquil holiday in surely one of the most idyllic settings in the world. My husband and I spent a week on Thassos in July. We stayed at Emerald apartments right near Golden Beach which really never gets that crowded, especially if you get there in the morning, when the sea is as calm and clear as a swimming pool, and the fish are there to swim with you. Look out for the tiny little birds on the beach too.

We hired a scooter, which was the best experience - go zooming round the mountains, and you'll think it's just you and the mountain goats, it's so peaceful! Take a big sniff as you go through the pine trees, the smell of fresh pine, thyme and oregano is one I'll never forget. Go and explore all the little coves and beaches round the island, you'll find a beach all to yourself somewhere along the way! Alyki is really magical and the view from the old monastery is definitely the best, although our view from Emerald Apartments was pretty stunning too.

We also discovered lots of big, beautiful butterflies and large dragonflies who looked as if they had diamond-encrusted wings. Fedra on Golden Beach was probably the best restaurant we went to, and so we went there nearly all the time - fantastic service, lovely fresh fish and the most extensive menu I think I've seen, they had everything. Try the local honey mixed with walnuts,especially from Panagia; also a very pretty place, up in the mountains and honey nougat. We also got some extra virgin olive oil locally, which is the best we've tasted.

Surrounded by mountains, trees and gorgeous beaches, with wonderful weather - and NO LITTER PROBLEM! (I don't know where you got that one from), we couldn't have had a better REAL break, and we'll be returning certainly within the next couple of years. We really felt like locals after a week, and were made to feel extremely welcome. Don't bother going if all you want is pubs and clubs and making a lot of noise - there's not much provision for you there, and we hope there never will be!
Emma Ware


Skala Rachonis Thassos holiday reviews

Skala Rachonis reviews

Superb beach at Skala Rachoni

Skala Rachoni is very quiet resort with four or five tavernas and as far as I remember without any disco or other loud amenity. the beach is superb, fine sand, shallow crystal clear sea and everywhere is a tranquil atmosphere to relax and calm down. But I cannot get rid of the feeling that all the area is a bit too underdeveloped, avoiding to use word "neglected"; to be not too harsh . . . I mean the paths, the surrounding, the hinterland. Definitely take the car and explore the beauties of the island of Thassos.
Michael Lorenz


Prinos called 'The Uglies'

I am from Prinos and most of visitors they refer to it as 'The Uglies'. As you say just to catch up the ferry to Kavala. For Skala Prinos is correct. But next to Skala Prinos (belongs to it) there is the Dasilio Prinos is a forest in the sea-a must to visit and it is discriminated due to the Skala Prinos which is just a harbour.
Apostolos Rigoutsou

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