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Achladies Skiathos travel guide

Achladies, also spelt in various ways such as Achlaidies or Achlaides, is located on the south coast of Skiathos about half-way between Skiathos Town and the headland at Kalamaki.

The beach lies at the end of a small valley, backed by the hills of Katsarou, and is dominated by the Hotel Esperides which sits in the middle of the beach.

The hotel is a dull block of white cement but mercifully low rise and with a screen of shrubs and trees with a large swimming pool overlooking the sands.

Achladies beach is a narrow strip of fine golden sand that drops a little sharply into the sea so families must keep a close watch on the children. It is set in a large, sheltered bay and the surrounding area is heavily planted with olive and citrus groves.

There are the usual water sports and there is also a regular boat taxi that runs into Skiathos Town. The east end of the beach is quieter away from the hotel and a narrow track leads up the hillside through olive groves and apartments.

There are a couple of beach tavernas at the western end with more still on the main road, alongside some mini-markets and a bakery.

Achladies beach is found off the main road below bus stop 10 and it's a short walk to the beach through the grounds of the Esperides. There is no village at Achladies, just the hotel, hillside apartments and studios and the beach.