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Krassas Skiathos travel guide

Banana beach is one of a trio of sandy beaches found on the far west coast of Skiathos, about 12km from Skiathos Town and just one kilometre north-west of Koukounaries.

The Greek name for the main beach is Krassas but that name is little used by tourists and the sands are almost universally referred to as Banana - the party beach of Skiathos.

The main Banana is a double beach split by a low roack outcrop and lies to the north of another beach called Little Banana, or sometimes Spartacus, and reached over a low rock headland.

Banana can be reached by boat or by walking along woodland paths from the bus terminus car park at Koukounaries. The dirt track splits, with one to Banana and the other to Little (Mikris) Banana.

The main Banana beach is a long double crescent of fine sand packed with sunbeds and with a couple of beach bars that blast out music as well as providing basic snacks and drinks. Th enorthen section was once naturist but is now almost exclusively textile.

Little Banana is just over some headland rocks to the south. It is in a small cove of flat sand and it's almost wholly nudist. Naturists moved here after the northern beach was invaded by party-minded youngsters.

Both beaches have has plenty of natural shade from pine trees that grow right down to the beach and there are sunbeds and watersports.

As the beaches are west facing they catch the evening sun, when the fires are sometime lit and the evening beach parties begin.

There is no accommodation on this part of the island and the nearest hotels and apartments are to be found at Koukounaries.